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Rousseau on Money

Je la crains plus que je n’aime le bon vin. Jean-Jaquees Rousseau: Les Confessions; 1782  

Domine Quo Vadis?

It seems to be a simple question that recently had been put forward here But what are people coming to Rome want to buy? What is the special pleasure, the experience they are looking for when doing to the so-called eternal city? And it seems so simple that at the beginning, near those times of … Lire la suite

A new spectre is haunting now the world??

Vatican Spring? The following is the abstract of an article that is nearly completed, to be published in a book edited by Arno Tausch, and being concerned with the development of catholicism. A pre-version, i.e. an unedited version will soon be sent on request. Abstract Both, discourses in and about economy on the one hand, in … Lire la suite

Backyards – Courtyards*

Sure, what Brecht used in his theatre and his theoretical considerations as Verfremdung, i.e. (a specific kind of) alienation has also its linguistic version, comes for across as linguistic Verfremdung. Having previously spoken of the backyards, the Italian term is perhaps more telling: we speak of the  cortile interno.[1] And I also said there may … Lire la suite

To start with the end …

To start with the end … – The day I am talking about, around the time my little excursion comes to the end, I see a poster: … Siamo tutte e tutti palestinesi … one can surely read this in different ways – and the debates during the recent days, driving academics on one of … Lire la suite

Stell Dir vor, es ist Krieg, und keiner geht hin

Leider müssen wir das Thema Krieg immer mehr aufgreifen, die kriegstreiberischen Politiken angreifen ….   Wir über uns Die Initiative „Antikriegskonferenz Berlin2014“ … ist ein freies Forum von Frauen und Männern aus Wissenschaft und Publizistik: interdisziplinär, kritisch, antimilitaristisch. Was die AKK erreichen will Die AKK Berlin2014 vom 3. bis 5. Oktober will der Bevölkerungsmehrheit Argumente … Lire la suite

Looking at the small print

I am wondering if the small print, defining all the terms and condition – at the end – really allows to offer “services” that boil down to something like "s r  ce “ Admittedly, good cheese is frequently full of holes; but if we look at the wholes of the cheese wheels they are most delicious (well, of course, … Lire la suite

Mysteries of Progress …

There we dare to ask and wonder …. … about sustainability, simple life styles and overconsumption, greed and modesty and what we really need – Skidelski/Skidelki publishing under the title  How much is Enough?  promising to look at Money and the Good Life[1] and Thomas Piketty writing about extensive inequality[2] – surely important, and shocking in … Lire la suite

Relationality …. forest – trees

We, working on social quality, thought for many years now how to explain properly what it is about, the social, defined as an outcome of the interaction between people (constituted as actors) and their constructed and natural environment. Its subject matter refers to people’s interrelated productive and reproductive relationships. In other words, the constitutive interdependency … Lire la suite

what can we expect: allowing only a couple of days …

I think God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability. (Oscar Wilde) Perhaps the resulting imperfection is the structural problem behind the failure that humans, now frequently allowing themselves taking more time, fail to overcome what went wrong …


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