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Mysteries of Progress …

There we dare to ask and wonder …. … about sustainability, simple life styles and overconsumption, greed and modesty and what we really need – Skidelski/Skidelki publishing under the title  How much is Enough?  promising to look at Money and the Good Life[1] and Thomas Piketty writing about extensive inequality[2] - surely important, and shocking in … Lire la suite

Relationality …. forest – trees

We, working on social quality, thought for many years now how to explain properly what it is about, the social, defined as an outcome of the interaction between people (constituted as actors) and their constructed and natural environment. Its subject matter refers to people’s interrelated productive and reproductive relationships. In other words, the constitutive interdependency … Lire la suite

what can we expect: allowing only a couple of days …

I think God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability. (Oscar Wilde) Perhaps the resulting imperfection is the structural problem behind the failure that humans, now frequently allowing themselves taking more time, fail to overcome what went wrong …


May well be that the terms used are not pc, but what can one expect in a world that isn’t pc? To a philosopher and historian the madness and imbesility and wickedness of mankind ought to appear ordinary events. (David Hume)    

The New World – Nearly There?

Friday night I retuned from another visit in Hangzhou, China. It had been less than a year ago that I visited that place (btw with the most beautiful scenery of the Westlake and a pleasant surprise visit by 吕思, who came from Shanghai. To be mentioned because of dimensions. The new line travels between the … Lire la suite

A long and winded road …

… but in some ways this may be a wrong impression. It is not often that I go to the Porta di Roma, one of the main shopping centres in Rome. And though many of us don’t like them, we all have to admit at least some kind of fascination. Not often that I enter … Lire la suite

La bella addormentata nel bosco

Can we move further down? – Even the lowest level of THE comedy (Dante) appears as plateau. Today Habermas suggested at Elte university that the USNA should serve as model for the future of Europe. Well, since Obama pleads for less war, more negotiation …. But: Here’s my bottom line: America must always lead on … Lire la suite

Living on the Margins

Acknowledgements [1] Kant is frequently coming to my mind these last day’s – one reason may be that Birgit mentioned him; to be honest she talked about her appreciation of the well-known categorical imperative, as he stated in the second half of the 18th century act so that the maxim of thy will can always … Lire la suite

… because we have always done it that way …

It had been in 1648, that the Treaty of Westphalia had been signed (actually it had been a package on the Peace of Westphalia, comprising of different parts. This is also the explanation for ). Not 3,000 years ago, but surely a long time. And surely an occasion to maintain the insight into the importance … Lire la suite

Reality – complex and contradictory

Preparing mentally for the conference at the University of Pavia, where we will discuss tomorrow and Friday Perspectives on Agency and Participation Such topic surely has to acknowlegde the complexity of existence, and its contradiciton – something we as intellectuals easily forget. Seneca’s words may be taken as reminder: Teniamo sempre questo verso sul cuore … Lire la suite


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