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Reality – perversion, reversion, revision 

The discussion on privatisation, retrenchment, alteration, economisation, marketisation etc. is not new – nor is it a matter that can be easily access when looking at the figures. Actually we find contradicting figures, and it is frequently emphasised that the problem is not “less spending” but diverted spending. Looking at the figures, and concisely analysing … Lire la suite


Dignity does not come in possessing honors, but in deserving them. Aristotle

mutation effects of globalisation?

Have a look at this, the nice and vivid young people, enjoying life and living …, shown in this SKYPE ad, I recently received – and then make a rough count of country/region of origin. I do not really know the target group of this ad in terms of country or region – but I … Lire la suite

Privacy – there is more to it

I got recently a mail from a colleague from a place where I worked for some time during my professional existence – it had been sent to colleagues and some others, being concerned with data security issues in connection with dropbox. This mail provoked some wider contextualisation from my side which I sent as reply – this is reproduced … Lire la suite

Die Soziale Mobilmachung Europas

Peter Herrmann[i] Die Soziale Mobilmachung Europas Notizen im Zusammenhang mit einem Beitrag aus der Antikriegskonferenz in Berlin, 3.-5. Oktober 2014 „Es gibt viele Arten zu töten. Man kann einem ein Messer in den Bauch stechen, einem das Brot entziehen, einen von einer Krankheit nicht heilen, einen in eine schlechte Wohnung stecken, einen durch Arbeit zu … Lire la suite

Talking about Precarity …

Precarity: It is surely in important issue, even if nobody is really sure what it is. There are so many definitions: different in the orientation, different in the reasoning, different in the emphasis and weighing of some aspects and not least different in the exact « mapping » of a complex field, as there are people and … Lire la suite

Bonnes Gens – Good People

Pour- quoi faut-il qu’ayant trouvé tant de bonnes gens dans ma jeunesse, j’en trouve si peu dans un âge avancé ? Leur race est-elle épuisée ? Non ; mais l’ordre où j’ai besoin de les chercher aujourd’hui n’est plus le même où je les trouvais alors. Parmi le peuple, où les grandes passions ne parlent … Lire la suite

Living Out Of Time, In Globality

My life was a world life – I lived the life of the world. But the world stopped living for several decades, and then in a few years it advanced a century! So I am only now coming into my own, having somewhere lost 30 years on the way – waiting for Godot – until … Lire la suite

The Exception and the Rule

Let nothing be called natural In an age of bloody confusion, Ordered disorder, planned caprice, And dehumanized humanity, lest all things Be held unalterable! Bertolt Brecht: The Exception and the Rule (1937), Prologue  

Varieties of capitalism – impressions of an eternal tourist

Rome – Berlin Long queues – visitors waiting for access to a building One building? Of course not – how could it be so when talking about two different cities. Still, one common feature: They are waiting to access the cupola: of the basilica in Rome, of the Reichstag in Berlin Faith and democracy?? Faith versus … Lire la suite


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