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Greek elections and financial market upheavals

Guest Contribution by Marica Frangakis[1] On 9 December the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, called for early presidential elections for December 17. On the same day, the Athens Stock Exchange fell 13 pc, the biggest one-day drop since 1987. Further, yields on 3-year Greek debt exploded by nearly 300 basis points to 9.52 pc, while … Lire la suite


mind doesn’t matter, matter doesn’t mind Picked this up recently, don’t remember where, but I think it is a nice way to capture parts of present times

the same or not …?

‘My dear child, they would have loved you if you had had two hundred thousand pounds,’ George replied. ‘That is the way in which they have been brought up. Ours is a ready-money society. We live among bankers and City big-wigs, and be hanged to them, and every man, as he talks to you, is … Lire la suite

Why does a Professor have to be treated like that? One of my colleagues here at the College whom I told my story looked at me, there was a silence, …

Publish and perish at Imperial College London: the death of Stefan Grimm Shocking — the story itself; and that in so many ways we accept it, refrain from massive resistance … And even already little resistance bears harsh consequences … if we then add those who retire at an early stage, looking for something else, working outside … Lire la suite

The Church and Economy

I just finished the draft of another article which may one day end up in a small collection of theological writings – actually already my three volumes « Writings on Philosophy and Economy of Power » New Princedoms; God, Rights, Law and a Good Society and Rights – Developing Ownership by Linking Control over Space and Time are reasonably full on this … Lire la suite

forgotten rights

Well, toilets are not the most favorite topics: we all use them, but we usually do not talk about them. Did I say we all use them? Actually I received the other day a mail, linking me to a website with the heading 1 humain sur 3 n’a pas accès à des toilettes An amazing … Lire la suite

wage – poverty – death rate II

After having recently written about wage, poverty and death rate, I just want to make readers aware of a post in another blog, by Paul Spicker, titled Feeding Britain. it is especially remarkable that it is about the situation in claimed « triumphant Britain » – some claims are just shames….

Where are we going?

Looking at the edition of the 25th of November 2013 of L’Osservatore Romano, and the online version of the article Between Dignity and Transcendence we read the report on the pope’s visit in Strasbourg, where he addressed the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. Opening that page, I saw on the top one of … Lire la suite

questionable beauty

Economists using mathematical expressions to decorate arguments about the perfection of market systems may believe that their work is beautiful. Outsiders see instantly that it isn’t. Quite apart from the messy problems and ugly realities of the economic world (capitalist or otherwise), no one with a sense of aesthetics would take the clumsy algebra of … Lire la suite

wage – poverty – death rate

Yesterday the ILO published the Global Wealth Report 2014/2015. Wages and income inequality As much as it is about income, it is also about inequality, and in any case it has to be read in the context of non-income. Too often we forget this side: lack of access to resources: to water, health services, food, … Lire la suite


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