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Differences …. …. I thought about it during the symposium, while talking to one of the colleagues who asked me what I would think about the gathering. Of course, there is a danger of stereotyping. Still, I dared to say that in China such events are more about presenting the institution, in Europe it is … Continua a leggere

Democracy – Freedom of Research

While in Turkey harshest measures can be found against academics and it is a witch-hunt like atmosphere, calls for  the Support of Turkish academics being answered with even more severe punishment, while there is the ongoing debate on the problems of socio-economic security for academics, another, more subtle, aspect should not be forgotten, linked to the ranking systems: … Continua a leggere


Not changing my mind – though some rankings may be really useful when it comes to universities. As this insecurity ranking. Now it would be the next task to look at an overall ranking that takes insecurity on a national level, performance in research and teaching and social quality into account. At least there is … Continua a leggere

Teaching ….

… back in the Middle Kingdom since a week, enjoying teaching learning to “walk economics”. Special fun the workshops – teaching without income (no extra pay), and learning without points (a course, the students take without points etc.). Sometimes it is really like looking into the eyes of small children who see something amazing for the first time in … Continua a leggere

There may never be one truth

But after the contributions last week in Poland – the one on security, the other on precarity I remembered the song La razza in estinzione by Giorgio Gaber. Much to think about. And and after workshops with my Chinese students the last two days, I may immediately revise, considering that we are not a lost generation but … Continua a leggere

Unveiling Lines Behind Dichotomies_Warsaw 4/2016

Presentation in Warsaw, April 6th 2016: International Conference Precarious Places:  Social, Cultural and Economic Aspects of Uncertainty and Anxiety in Everyday Life The recording of the presentation can be found here Abstract A fundamental methodological problem is the specific relevance of one of the antagonisms of capitalism, though not replacing the meaning of class-conflict but … Continua a leggere

Security in insecure times

A short presentation, addressing the conference Edukacja Dla Bezpieczeństwa (Education for Security), April 6th, 2016, in Gdansk Abstract: Looking at the economic development of the recent years, the first that comes to mind is of course the crisis and its far-reaching impact on the living conditions and perspectives of many people – social security systems … Continua a leggere

Migration, German openness and … – the other side

Germany is frequently praised for the policies in connection with migration. And there is surely no reason for any kind of black and white paintings, nor for applying a too broad brush – we are currently elaborating in a small group from the scientific council of attac (Association pour la Taxation des Transactions financières et pour l’Action … Continua a leggere

Times changed – will times change

It is today that Barack Obama visits Cuba – and Che Guevara’s Son says Obama will visit an Independent Cuba. It is the second time a U.S. President pays a visit. While calculating GDP-rates, their global development across different sectors and ventilating the perspectives for the development of the Cuban economy for a new era, … Continua a leggere


Yes, writing “quick comments” is admittedly always dangerous, hastily arriving at wrong conclusions. Still, there is occasionally a huge temptation, and it may be justified as such writing possibly provokes …, well, some really important and not so hasty thoughts, easily overlooked when it comes to detailed analysis of …, well detailed analysis. Reference at … Continua a leggere


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