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The world is flat – or: can thinking flatten the world?

The world is flat … – and there is some flavor of naiveté in such theses … Finally, the fall of the wall did not just open the way for more people to tap into one another’s knowledge pools. It also paved the way for the adoption of common standards—standards on how economies should be run, on how … Continua a leggere


We frequently talk about neoliberalism – and the disastrous implication its proponents cause. Indeed, there is the need to criticise these policies. But preparing my presentation for Hungary, soon coming up under the title Precarity as Part of Socio-Economic Transformation – New Perspectives  , and of which the abstract can be found already here, I am … Continua a leggere

New Year – Nuovo Anno

(scroll for English version below) Ogni mattino, quando mi risveglio ancora sotto la cappa del cielo, sento che per me è capodanno.  Perciò odio questi capodanni a scadenza fissa che fanno della vita e dello spirito umano un’azienda commerciale col suo bravo consuntivo, e il suo bilancio e il preventivo per la nuova gestione. Essi … Continua a leggere

Methodology – some general questions

I uploaded a lecture I gave today,  25th of December 2015 to Students at 中南林业科技大学班戈学院/Bangor College CSUFT 中国湖南省长沙市天心区韶山南路498号. Changsha, PRC   Though the lecture refers to the work of a group of students and their work on essays (mostly concerned with “Studying Abroad”), some fundamental issues of methodology are raised and may be of interest when doing research in … Continua a leggere

The Other Christmas Story

From Adorno’s Minima Moralia English – scroll further down for German – Reflexionen aus dem beschädigten Leben Here is an audio recording of this section in German language For the complete text in Italian – Meditazioni della vita offesa ============ Asylum for the homeless. – How things are going for private life today is made evident by its arena [Schauplatz]. Actually one … Continua a leggere

Take in refugees – Abolish all causes of flight

Take in refugees – Abolish all causes of flight For a civic platform against isolation and xenophobia Refugees stranding at European railway stations; razor-wired fences hastily raised along the borders; terror attacks against people in public spaces of a mega city – what Europe perceives as a state of emergency long since is the hard … Continua a leggere

Vernunft und Verstand sind des Teufels Huren

Vernunft und Verstand sind des Teufels Huren. ein altes, tüchtiges Pfaffen-Wort, Allen denen zu Lieb und Ehren, denen Vernunft und Verstand im Wege stehen. Sie sagten auch: ‘Verstand und Vernunft können Gottes Wort nicht verfechten; sie sind nur große Wettermacher und Hagelsieber in der Schrift!’ Freilich machen sie anderes Wetter in der Schrift, als es … Continua a leggere

Crisis and no end ? Re-embedding economy into life and nature

An article under the above title is published in the new journal Environment and Social Psychology (2015)–Volume 1, Issue 1, Edited by Brij Mohan. Abstract: There is no end of the crisis in sight. Even more, the long nightmare of forcing Greece onto its knees during the first half of 2015, using banks instead of … Continua a leggere

Sports – Shaping Urban Social Spaces

Social Inclusion – Social Exclusion: Physical Exercise as Means between Strengthening Individuals and Integration into Collectivities – Shaping Urban Social Spaces had been the title of the presentation I gave during the 2015 Annual Conference of the International Journal of the History of Sports — Sport, Urbanization and Social Stratification in Asian Society which took place on November 27th – 28th in Nanchang, China. Abstract: … Continua a leggere

sustainability manifesto

IASQ and ISS to publish sustainability manifesto At the approach of the Climate Conference in Paris IASQ and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) will publish a manifesto, pressing for the crossing of existing borders in academic action on sustainability and inspiring state leaders to support this. The document will focus on the urgent … Continua a leggere


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