While Sitting in a Train

March 31st, 2011 No, I don’t have problems with being a Buerger – nor do I have problems with being anarchist, finally both goes hand in hand anyway.  So I am sitting with my 1st-class super special offer train ticket, enjoying** the couple of hours trip MUC-KASSEL (although this much shorter trip is more expensive … Continua a leggere

Social Spaces as man-made History

We must take seriously Vico’s great observation that men make their own history, that what they can know is what they have made, and extend it to geography: as both geographical and cultural entities – to say nothing of historical entities – such locales, regions, geographical sectors as ‘Orient’ ad ‘Occident’ are man-made. Therefore as … Continua a leggere

Sorry for delay …

Sorry for delay – or wor(l)d is turning around too fast OR How “Media & Communications” at University College Cork contribute to maintaining second-rateness Although it probably has to be said that it is a story that could happen in many other places of our “service societies” Mail sent to UCC media: Sent: 12 April … Continua a leggere

Living (with) wrong expectations

The announcement of the performance begins with the words Lucrezia Borgia, brewer of poisons, adulteress and murderer, does her best to live up to an image of womankind created by men, and just as passionately she does whatever she can to find a new identity. Having read this some time ago, knowing Donizetti and Hugo … Continua a leggere

social services – facing complexities

Soon going to Warsaw – ‘my old topic’, namely social services. In a way and in one respect it is an interesting setting: myself coming more from the social policy side and for instance Nicholas Barr coming from economics or Adalbert Evers as protagonist of – I dare to say – managerialist third-sector perspective. At … Continua a leggere


Thought I may go end of June for a short holiday in Ireland – between the Human Rights conference, organised by the Deutsche Welle where I will represent attac/its academic council and starting the some postdoc-research at the Max-Planck Institute for Foreign and International Law.But the other day I decided against it, being more or … Continua a leggere


Through consciousness spirit intervenes in the way the world is ruled. This is its infinite tool – then there are bayonets, cannon, bodies.But the banner [of philosophy] and the soul of its commander is spirit. Neither bayonets, nor money,neither this trick nor that, are the ruler. They are necessary like the cogs and wheels in … Continua a leggere

Freedom …

As said, I had been lucky, getting hold of one ticket. And thus the four of us, never leaving each other, went to the concert on Monday evening. The one of us simply enjoying some festive mood, the pleasure of the concert hall, the opportunity of delving into the music – floating with the waves of … Continua a leggere


Originally I had been told that tickets would be sold out. “But you may still try the festival office” That is what I did …, lucky me …. And this is where I am right now …

Social Law In Ireland, the Current Crisis and the Emerging New Colonialism

In a recent report on the development of social policy and social law in Ireland (an annual report submitted to the Max Planck Institute for foreign and international law) I provided an interpretation, drawing a rather frightening outlook not only on the current power structures but going beyond, highlighting the resurfacing of a scary tradition, … Continua a leggere