Attachment – Detachment: What work is about

….  elles font bien tout ce qui est en leur pouvoir pour se rendre la fortune favorable en cette vie, mais néanmoins elles l’estiment si peu, au regard de l’éternité, qu’elles n’en considèrent quasi les événements que comme nous faisons ceux des comédies. (… they do everything what is in their power to make fortune … Continua a leggere

Identity and Practice

Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio (Mozart’s Le Nozze Di Figaro) I do not know anymore what I am am, what I am doing [translation PH])

Joerg Huffschmid Prize in Political Economy of Finance Markets

Joerg Huffschmid had been one of the most prolific German economists – bringing political economy to the forefront and maintaining in academic life: teaching and research and also in politics a perspective that had been frequently countered by hostility or at least lack of understanding. He worked in various fields. In respect of political challenges … Continua a leggere


It is indeed fascinating in which – and easily overlooked – ways claims of superiority prevail. It took a long time to overcome slavery in the US. And if we take it as overcome by now, there had been still the – outspoken or not – claim of superiority – to mention but one example: … Continua a leggere

We Tend To Forget

Nature builds no machines, no locomotives, railways, electric telegraphs, self-acting mules etc. These are products of human industry; natural material transformed into organs of the human will over nature, or of human participation in nature. They are organs of the human brain, created by the human hand; the power of knowledge, objectified. The development of … Continua a leggere

Slippery Ground: Committee Society

Addiction searching for never-ending reflection, undermining in an equivocal way practice, leaves, as Kierkegaard sees it, in a fatal danger. If nobody takes a decision anymore and thus nobody emerges with such decision as self, nobody is distinct from anybody else in a true way; we face a dreary leveling. Togetherness of human beings emerges … Continua a leggere

Glass – perhaps stronger as metal

OR: PHOTOS NOT TO BE TAKEN Already on the previous occasion when I had been in the city centre, I had been somewhat surprised by the amount of police around – sure it is the time before elections, the candidates just nominated; there had been demonstrations too … – and as I do not understand … Continua a leggere

mixed up

Saw on a website the following Social Structure Of The Society of an object. The society has social structure. The concept of social structure was pioneered by G. Simmel, then developed by K. Marx, E. Durkheim but became most… Another site, employed with the outstanding thinking of Simmel says After his dissertation, his first publication, … Continua a leggere

How Much Changed?

How Much Changed?- Although the exact source – and with this the date – remain in the dark the question is justified. We can say then that the situation didn’t really get worse and the current lament is just another old generation being unhappy with their own life. We may also say, however, humans, societies … Continua a leggere

Captain or New Worlds in Plastic

Well, Der Hauptmann von Koepenick is well known in German, not so well in the wider world the Captain of Koepenick though even many Germans refer more to the Hero of Zuckmayer’s novel rather than to the real Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt who, in the first decade of the 20th century mislead the German authorities by … Continua a leggere