Of course, there are these international chains here in Ankara too – that I didn’t come across many is simply due to the fact that I life ten minutes walk away from the office, go to the small Campus shop – ten minutes to the other side … But I saw the distributer chains on occasions I left ODTUe ground: DIY-distributer Praktiker, Rossman-drugstore, Carefour-groceries and everything, “service-producer” Vodaphone …

And of course, we all, at least those who left their own country with their mobile in the pocket know about semi-globalisation: capital’s freedom to move makes their coins excelling by roaming charges we customers have to pay.

Recently I found another example – so small …, but at the end telling so much. It had been in Budapest where I went to the TESCO around the corner of my apartment – actually on the way to the office. Thought: as we are all a large family I’ll show this and use my TESCO-clubcard. No …, we only take the TESCO-Visa-card.

I think it realy tells us something, doesn’t it?



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