It could be different …

It could be different, but it is possible this way too …. These are words of the last e-mail before the INKRIT-meeting, gathering for some general debates, and mainly working on the Historical-Critical Dictionary Marxism, referring to Brecht’s Three-Penny Opera. The location of a rather intense couple of days: Esslingen, a small town, or even … Continua a leggere


If you want you can term it a little bit pretentious the legacy of the research stay and visiting professorship at ODTUe: the new book which had been just after leaving Ankara sent to the publisher and will not take long to be available: Sibel Kalaycioglu/Peter Herrmann (Eds.) Precarity – More than a Challenge of … Continua a leggere

Postmodernism ….

…, post-modernism can be seen as the discourse of cognition without an tention of intellectual reconstruction. Kiss, Endre: The Dialectics of Modernity. A theoretical interpretation of Globalization; in: Journal of Globalization Studies. 1/2. November 2010: 12-26; Volgograd: Uchitel

Looking Back – Looking Forward: Responsibilty

It is so easy: Talking about Human Rights as matter of charity and good will and virtues. And it is so difficult: of course we find this blunt, brutal violation: open for everybody. And of course we have to everything we can against the killing of women for religious reasons, religious fundamentalism (which, by the … Continua a leggere

Breaks – Still on the Way to Modernity

Pioneer of Modern Art – the English translation doesn’t catch the ambiguity of the German title of the exhibition of the work of Max Liebermann to which I went during the lunch break: Wegbereiter der Moderne. It could also be translated just as Pioneer, trailblazer of modernity, emphasising that he had been a pioneer not … Continua a leggere

Not November …. – On Path Dependency

It hadn’t been often that I had been in Bonn – and I do not want to be negative. It is a nice, placid village, once the capital of Germany, hosting that part of Germany, better: German mentality which had been twice the cradle of a World War I hadn’t been many times in Berlin … Continua a leggere

Expectations – at least

Go open the door. There might be someone there. Go open the door. There might be a bird. Or a firefly. Go open the door. If nothing, there will be at least a breeze. Or a current of fresh air. (Hakakian, Roya, 2004: Journey from the Land of No. A Girlhood caught in revolutionary Iran; … Continua a leggere


No sign’s descended from the sky about the days to come We’ve promised those days to ourselves. I want a song about the days after we win … ‘Who knows, maybe tomorrow …’ (Nazim Hikmet) It is a fascinating story, indeed.  Turkey is undoubtedly the country of the future, but will it always be? Can … Continua a leggere

The Game is Over or: Strawberry Cake

I remember Niklas Luhmann once writing or telling this little anecdote: a couple, married since many years … – and the housewife (well, yes, it had been last century, and not at its very end), so: the housewife made every year a “birthday surprise cake” for her husband: strawberry cake. He enjoyed every year, showed … Continua a leggere

Globalisation – Mindsets

So our fish glided his little body past the angry neighbours who could not believe their ears. No one, certainly never an insider, had ever insulted them so by questioning the ways of their idyllic stream. But for everything there is a first, and for that mossy stream this little fish was indeed a first. … Continua a leggere