All The Same …

Something done – timely. Well, saying timely is not absolutely correct as I actually mean: time to get it out of the way after spending extensive time on the work: bringing the different contributions together, working,discussing drafts … – and writing something that is more meaningful than saying that a crontrubuted by saying … and be contributed by saying … Well, still couple of weeks left before it can be bought.

But actually having said ‘timely’ is actually correct too: after so many publications on the crisis since 2008ish (and many good, important contributions without any doubt) the present volume aims on showing the need to go beyond the ‘standard proposals’ – those that are remaining in the structural cage of the growth economies – and this includes to some extent also the post-growth-orientations, as critical and productive many f them are. Actually, via the work in the scientific committee of attac I am involved in these debates too – and there will be surely interesting and challenging debates during the upcoming meeting of the European Network Academy for Social Movements (ENA) – for my part it means leaving Munich-office end of next week, joining at least for some of the debates in Freiburg, also preparing the Euromemo-conference in Vienna, planned for September, and then heading for my Finland job.

Sure, all this travel and these different activities are very much “a private thing” – but they are at the very same time exactly a matter that is at stake also in the book: a new way of work, of living, the actual meaning of what economy is about – ….. AND THE WAY OF ANALYISING IT. At least for me, living globally and working in the different fields – here on Munich it had been very much law, shifting now to political movement (if you want “governance”), and then working again more on economics … – in a way you may say: the privilege  of living what I am working on and writing about – and what Paul called for to think about in new terms: the  modèle anthroponomique

BTW, it is a special pleasure for me that I have been invited to join the Eurasian Center for Big History and System Forecasting at the Lomonosow Moscow State University as as Associate Member.

Anyway, some information on the book now:

All the Same – All Being New

Basic Rules of Capitalism in a World of Change

Peter Herrmann (ed.)

Paul Boccara, Judit Csoba, John Bellamy Foster/Robert W. McChesney, Peter Herrmann, Arno Tausch


For Paul Boccara

Friendship, Openness, Trust

In Advance……….. 4

Peter Herrmann……….. 5

Deciphering Globalisation – An Introduction……….. 5

Paul Boccara……….. 58

“We must incriminate the basic rules of capitalism”……….. 58

John Bellamy Foster/Robert W. McChesney……….. 63

Monopoly-Finance Capital and the Paradox of Accumulation……….. 63

Arno Tausch……….. 85

Paul Boccara’s Analysis of Global Capitalism……….. 85

Paul Boccara……….. 115

The Global Crisis and Africa : Struggles for Alternatives……….. 115

Alternative Financial System for North and South and Struggles to Master the Market, and for Common and Public Services or Goods, from Local to Global Levels……….. 115

Judit Csoba……….. 126

Goals and tools of Public Employment Programs in Hungary……….. 126

Paul Boccara……….. 144

Labour market, employment and unemployment policies in the European Union……….. 144

Paul Boccara……….. 155

What needs from Marxism?……….. 155

Annex……….. 160


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