Asia Studies – A New Book Series

This weekend, during the 3rd Annual Conference of Asian Studies Ireland Association a new book series will be launched. It is published by Rozenberg publishers and will thus provide high-quality books on issues that are interesting for developing an in depth debate on current issues. and the books will be available for a reasonable price. The title … Continua a leggere

Anything Else to Think About? or: Re-finding Truth in Research

Vladimir Fedosejev and the Tschaikowskij-Symphonieorchester Moskau, performing Tschaikowskij and Shostakovich in the Large Hall of the Musikverein. A more or less busy day coming to an end, beginning with talks about projecting a new book series (around global democracy), discussion about a film project, catching up with a good friend, answering and writing mails in the meantime and … Continua a leggere

ireland – austerity or not?

So, my “little presentation“, draft, incomplete and actually a more or less lengthy background paper but a suitable framework to discuss the question from above by saying: Yes, but it is much worse. And at the same time: We should not blame Europe where we have to blame capitalism and Irish capitalism. Talking about austerity … Continua a leggere

A Question …

… though it is probably not a deeply academic or philosophical one. Reading the Economic and Financial Outlook, published with last year’s budget in Ireland I spot on page 24 the following sentence: In the EU Commission’s assessment of the Programmes, a greater emphasis will be placed on fiscal policies for the following year(s) – … Continua a leggere

9/11 – Day of Remembrance

I remember it too well, and all came up again when I saw this remarkable short film. 9/11 – it all had been forgotten – and we all: those who had been witnesses and those who had been too you to witness and those who had not even been alive should never forget this date: … Continua a leggere

The Irish Recovery and Naughty Children

What will happen: writing a critical assessment of the Irish economy, approaching it in a radical way, assessing also the current Irish situation Irish in a long term perspective, I am wondering if there will be dear Irish readers who …. Well, I remember one day few years back now. A colleague, I think he … Continua a leggere