Taming of the Screw*

Taming of the Screw* Mapu ñuke – Mother Earth Mapu ñuke, mapu ñuke tami rewkvleci jawe coyvmkey kom puh ka kom antv fvxa kuifi kakerume fvh, wefkey bewfv reke ka dewkey pehoykvleci xayen, alofkvleci wagvben keciley, dewmalekenmu, coyvlekenmu fij kuyfike kekerumeci folil. Mapu ñuke, mapu ñuke mi pu pvxa jeqkey pu mapuce, amuleci hegvmvwvnmu naqvn … Continua a leggere

Where to go …? – Obituary for Vaeterchen Franz, Looking Ahead

It had been the first program day of this year’s study visit with a group of students from Ireland: The Higher Diploma in Social Policy. A small group of students, entering with entirely different backgrounds from their first studies, doing this postgrad-course in order to be able to move on in studying social work, social … Continua a leggere

Academic Strangulation – or …

… what is the parallel between modern academic life and fox hunting? Much had been written on the effect of bureaucratisation, the emergence of an ‘iron cage’, contributing to the ‘specialist without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines that it has attained a level of humanity (Menschentums) never before achieved’ as Max Weber developed … Continua a leggere

Surely not another third way

In a presentation, titled Quines són les competècies qu l’alumnat universtari necessita per a l’emprenedoria social? (Facultat Pedagogia. Universitat de Barcelona – November 2nd, 2011), another dimension of the globalisation and crisis challenge will be looked at – different from what had been presented recently in the “ten arguments” adopted by the scientific council of … Continua a leggere