Don’t trust any statistics you didn’t manipulate at your own.

Supposedly it had been Churchill who said these words. Otbher words, saying something similar are attributed to Mark Twain:

There are three kinds of lies: lies, dirty lies and statistics.

Of course, one hs to be careful with such broad statements. But there is good reason in looking more in depth at issues, at how statistics are compled and what is behind the figures. Behind figures and behind any other appearances on the surface level.

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  1. […] few; most of these not going even a quarter of an inch beyond number crunching, looking for better statistics and ‘clarifiaction of evidence’. As if all this would be a matter of penal relevance […]

  2. […] Ronald Inglehart had in mind after wrapping everything into figures surely shows something as all statistics say something. But it easily lets us forget its companion: the silent killing – performed on […]


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