No fool like an old fool – or old age brings wisdom

Just reading again one of these trashy books – The Poverty of Philosophy, the answer Marx gave in 1847 to the Philosophy of Poverty by M. Proudhon. – Unfortunately some still didn’t understand it, though the old sentences are well worth to be remembered, e.g. Those who, like Sismondi, wish to return to the true … Continua a leggere

The Old and the New – Eugene Onegin

The old and the new – Eugene Onegin May be the arrangement yesterday at the Bavarian Stateopera had been occasionally a bit over the top – incidentally I talked the afternoon with Lorena and Sylvia about appropriateness and of course lawyer, music therapist and political-economist differed substantially in finding a common ground. Anyway, without any … Continua a leggere

Possibilities Thrown Away

The development of the means of production would allow, the mode of production does suspend … Spare the hand that grinds the corn, Oh, miller girls, and softly sleep. Let Chanticleer announce the morn in vain! Deo has commanded the work of the girls to be done by the Nymphs, and now they skip lightly … Continua a leggere

Rosa Luxemburg – how wheelchairs indicate that she was right

Sure, there are good reasons for privatisation of elements of economic processes – at least if we trust the advocates of the respective measures. Now, leaving the serious central debate and its macro-perspective aside one came to my mind when I went to the grocer’s shop. But what do I say, really ‘grocer’s shop’? In … Continua a leggere

the bible as textbook in economics

For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.” 1 Timothy 5:18

in a nutshell …

About 24 hours ago: The day’s end nearing – I mean the end of the working day in the strict sense. Looking at the “official part”, it had been actually a short day only: about 6 hours meeting of attac’s scientific council, working on this very simple question: How to change the world. Measuring the … Continua a leggere

The Iron Lady and the Postman

Well, many of us complained at the time: The Iron Lady Margret Thatcher reflecting in an interview for Women’s Own that there is no such thing as society. There are surely different ways to look at this statement. And one perspctive came to me the other day, something of a deeper meaning getting entirely hold of … Continua a leggere

four in one – A Contribution to the International Women’s Day

Four-in-One-Perspective – or One Divided by Four Equals One Thoughts in connection with Frigga Haug’s presentation of Die Vier-in-einem-Perspektive (Haug, Frigga, 2008/20092: Die Vier-in-einem-Perspektive. Politik von Frauen für eine neue Linke; Hamburg: Argument Verlag – reference [i.e. page numbers in brackets], where not specified otherwise, is made to this book. Translations by P.H.) That the … Continua a leggere

Greece – Few Impressions

The following is a short reflection of one part of a visit of different groups in Athens – the visit had been initialised by the cooperation between attac France and colleagues in Athens, but quickly included colleagues from other national attac networks and also other organisations that wanted to express their solidarity with the Greek … Continua a leggere

David back on stage

Returning from Athens – a visit in solidarity with the …, well actually perhaps better to say: in search for an overall European and global solidarity – reading something about Donatello’s David, surely one of the most felicitous pieces of art. Originally standing in the Medici palace in Florence the capture read: The Victor is … Continua a leggere