Having ended the recent section with looking at everyday’s culture of a migrant in Budapest – multi-expat, belonging to a multi-diaspora and being in some way home, settled in any multi-cultural setting, being multi-cultural, it is time now to return to the ‘classical occurrences’ of multiculturalism. Finally, as much as all these paintings and other … Continua a leggere

Revolução dos Cravos

The Carnation Revolution History: a matter of the past, a matter that should be present as it will be shaping the future. The 25th of April 1974 is one of the days in history clearly showing how time merges and how time emerges from itself: from history, from people understanding ‘reacting’ as a highly active … Continua a leggere

Culture – Spacetime

You may call it the day of culture – if there is such thing. Or to put the question in its correct light your may ask if there is any day without culture. Is not the day, the fact of a day in today’s understanding very much itself ‘culture’, a social construct? Of course, in … Continua a leggere

Tension – Excitement – Challenge*

It is two weeks now that I am here, arriving with the night train in Budapest on the 25th – at that time still being torn between the old and the new. – Don’t we all know this feeling of a kind of standstill: While we are living, staying in a place, we think too … Continua a leggere