Temperatures – or The surprised girl from the ‘developing world’

Kevin had been really nice – already when arrived on the aircraft: so to say the usual nice yarn amongst the locals; and of course, first thing we Irish talk about is the weather. Later I got my free tea and everything – ah, getting spoilt when one knows crew on the plane. Then The … Continua a leggere


Pure incidence? Less than one week, four small pieces, fitting so well … * Monday I gave a presentation in Cork, questioning the obsession by calculability and the mathematisation of social science, and putting this into a wider context: A fundamental problem has to be seen in the very limitation of our thinking as it … Continua a leggere

‘Global Nationalism’: Economics – Social Quality – Measurement

or: Traps of mathematisation, equivalence principle with the claim of exchangeability, individualisation and finally evidence. The following are some general thoughts, employing my thinking while preparing the presentation for the Poverty Summer School at UCC -more than can be said, less than could be said but a minimum that should be considered, not onky when … Continua a leggere

looking back – time to say good bye?

It feels a bit strange – sitting at the gate at Budapest airport, heading to Cork. I am invited speaker and Monday I will address the Poverty Summer School. It is a strange feeling to speak at the “own university” as representative of an organisation that has othing to do with it, speaking as advisor … Continua a leggere

Systems of Law and Social Quality

It took a long time – but finally it is published: an  article I wrote together with Yitzhak Berman, titled Systems of Law and Social Quality You can find it in Volume 6, Number 1 (2012) of Social & Public Policy Review (I will have to claim the second r now …) Though the delay … Continua a leggere

Two Mails – One Trap – Three Issues

…., or actually it may well be one issue only I had been made aware of two mails circulating at UCC. (i) One raising a serious issue: Inequality within UCC, namely concerning the staff at one of the elite units actually in more precarious, undervalued situations than staff in UCC in general. The details are … Continua a leggere