Social Policy and Religion

There are things on this world we don’t know – and still we have an opinion, have our own approaches and … … and much for the debate is either highly expert oriented and usually one-sided. Or it is informed by prejudices of one kind or another. The present publication Social Policy and Religion, edited … Continua a leggere


Well, being now here in Cairns again is surely also a little bit about dealing with my own history – having been here some time ago, working as fellow at the Cairns Institute …, one of the stations of what one may call unsettled life, unsettling life or living global(ity). But arriving the one day … Continua a leggere

Customer Care or Criitique of Political Economy for everyday’s life

There had been a problem with my address – stuff the bank sends frequently doesn’t arrive as it should – well, Irish addresses … So, I sent a mail, mentioning this and I receive the answer: If you do online banking this problem doesn’t occur. I am hesitating to answer If I and all the … Continua a leggere

The Emperor and Wolfgang Amadeus

The other day I saw on facebook an advertisement – apparently a new game. KINGDOMS OF CAMELOT I didn’t have a look at it. But of course, there is always this notion of ‘My home is my castle’ – although it is an illusion and the home of many is actually the home of their … Continua a leggere

Mocking and Roots

Returned from Rome – not only known as Sancta Sede, but also known as one of the main “sites of antiquity”, seen as cradle of civilisation. Sure, it may be contested if such a claim is actually legitimate – there had been many antiquities and consequently there are many places that can be equally seen … Continua a leggere

The Begging State – Privatisation of a special kind

Trastevere train station – probably I will never feel comfortable with these vending machines, but bad luck: the only way to obtain a train ticket [if I would have known that aerlingus is not late but very late this day I could have walked …]. No place where to go to, asking a real human … Continua a leggere

Lost Ground

It is a narrow staircase only, and a short one. Three steps to go, two, one – the way to climb up to her is as short as it is leading through a dark space. Even the very moment before I turn around the corner I am not even aware of the fact that she … Continua a leggere

For the unknow mothers

Wikpedia another time showing incompetence. Had to go to the Doria Pamphilj – and just wanted to look a bit what this family is about … – wiki as first hit, but only on the gallery (Gosh lads, in history/reality the hegemon comes first, then the structures they set up!!!. On this site it is … Continua a leggere