or leaving me aside. Leaving me aside – my excitement when experiencing Russian history n a nutshell, really compressed in a short paragraph, a long sentence if you want: Compressed to the imagination of walking along the Nevsky Prospect on the pavement of which once Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin walked …., a Zeitgeist that drove Fjodor … Continua a leggere

children’s rights – ignorance or weakness?

Travelling over the last years, I felt here and there a bit ashamed – not because of hearing so bad things about the country. On the contrary, because of the praise I heard. First, it had been because of the celebrated bedside rug which, though from beginning outstretched on the floor pretended to be a … Continua a leggere


Saying Good-Bye – again — This had been the title of a recent posting. And indeed, there is some deep truth in the formulation John used when he wrote the other day in his really nice mail as you sadly report, your uprooting and once more wandering, as of course scholars and refugees have done … Continua a leggere

student accommodation, studying facilities ….

or what is studying about? Dear Students – here in Ireland and probably elsewhere. Recently a mail had been sent to the staff at UCC – it originated from a Senior Lecturer in Science Education at the Department of Education, Uiversity College Cork and stated the following I am writing to ask you to encourage … Continua a leggere

We Got IT – Update Your CV …

Dear Colleagues, as it is now clear that EU had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2012, there is some rumour that every EU-citizen can claim to be winner of this prestigious accolade. You may consider this  when updating your IRIS and other information relevant for Quality Assurance. Most of you know that I had … Continua a leggere

Irish Excellence – just a rant

Just received a job add – adverstising a job at UCD. It may be poiting out an interesting strategy of third level education: completely overpaid professorial positions (in an international comparison), probably reasonably well paid “core staff”, that has to work for the money, and a rather large number of jobs for people who are … Continua a leggere

Growth, Greek and Teaching

A Change in my teaching program and implications for politics Well, the title is a bit misleading – but fact is, for me: as abstract many things are when it comes to teaching economics there are so many things very much about daily lives and daily politics. Some good news – had been asked to … Continua a leggere

root of history

Die Wurzel der Geschichte aber ist der arbeitende, schaffende, die Gegebenheiten umbildende und überholende Mensch. Hat er sich erfasst und das Seine ohne Entäußerung und Entfremdung in realer Demokratie begründet, so entsteht in der Welt etwas, das allen in der Kindheit scheint und worin noch niemand war: Heimat. attempted translation: The root of history is … Continua a leggere