Dyl Ulenspegel clould not beat it

You know, I can gain some pleasure from some foolish acts – and I also think that much of what we are teaching, be it on rights, politics and policies etc. can be literally found in any day-to-day situation within institutions like for instance any university. Finally I still think there is some meaning in … Continua a leggere

Guest Contribution: Children’s Rights in Social Care Setting under Irish law: Reality or Myth??

Lucy O’Leary * Children’s Rights in Social Care Setting under Irish law: Reality or Myth?? Introduction The recent Irish referendum has given the impression that children’s rights in Ireland will be placed on some sort of an equal footing with that of their parents. However, the reality is somewhat different. The social care setting is … Continua a leggere


Göran Therborn published an article in the New Left Review 78 which is a hugely important reminder. Not least he highlights the ongoing meaning of the class question for social policy which had been – and still is – largely neglected within the British tradition of social policy and its foundation in social administration. I … Continua a leggere

China and Asia – A New Capitalist Centre or A New Capitalism?

The following are notes only, giving some kind of direction to a presentation in La Habana, Cuba, not for presentation as such. Western societies under serious threat The future will not be ‘capitalism as we know it’ – and it may be added that we probably even fail when utilising the traditional ‘concepts’ and categories … Continua a leggere

Development or Change – Today’s Challenges for an Emerging Global Society

The following are notes made in preparation of a presentation in La Habana, Republic of Cuba in December 2012. ++++++++++++++++ The background of this presentation is actually far away – a presentation given by my friend and colleague Laurent J.G. van der Maesen at the 2012 Life & Development Forum in Hangzhou. From there some … Continua a leggere