Human Rights – “Lives Rights” – Children’s Rights

[1] Abstract The article attempts to add a new direction to the debate on human rights by looking at it from four perspectives: practice, development, everyday’s life and political responsibility of social work. This aims not least on working towards the foundation of a fourth generation of human rights, supplementing the generally accepted three generations. … Continua a leggere

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Elfin Dances, to be Performed by Elephants

After it had been Time to say Good-bye and after it had been Time to say Goodbye. Again some time later … …. – it surely had been a strange feeling, coming back to the country in which I lived for so many years, on the occasion of a conference concerning EU-issues – the Symposim … Continua a leggere


Of course, even if thinking and especially academic thinking is characterised by its systematic and strategic analytical dimension, it is surely also influenced by coincidences – contingent occurrences that are determined by what is happening around us, what is actually by our mere positioning in the world visible, perceivable to us. And one of these … Continua a leggere

Once upon a time – and everything changed … !?!?!?

A day at the end of June, 8:36 a.m. – high-speed train G7381 with the name “harmony” brings me from Shanghai to Hangzhou. Apparently it had been Marco Polo who said 下来有苏杭 上 有天堂 and indeed, it seems to be heaven on earth. I am moving there on the ground, at the earthly speed of … Continua a leggere