mutation effects of globalisation?

Have a look at this, the nice and vivid young people, enjoying life and living …, shown in this SKYPE ad, I recently received – and then make a rough count of country/region of origin.

I do not really know the target group of this ad in terms of country or region – but I remember that on a recent visit to China I had been somewhat surprised when looking at the large poster ads: many, especially female “exhibits” looked very “Western”.
Nothing wrong with looking Western or looking Eastern, still remarkable how globalisation apparently changes even how we look and who we are (supposed to be) , isn’t it?
5 Responses to “mutation effects of globalisation?”
  1. pauldenice ha detto:

    Evolution in hte darwinian sense is based upou two main factors: spontaneous or environmental random mutations and the sexual mode of life transmission;
    In that sense developping a perception of a different look may modify the choice of partner. The importance of look was already a factor in the paleolithic period: small ivory statuestes generaly had large hips encouraging males to look for broad hips partners: an evolutionary adaptive factor given the increas og head size in new born, not convinced the current images of westerl look will have an adaptative value, perhaps just the contrary
    See: The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution Cochran and Harpending 2008

    • williamthompsonucc ha detto:

      Yes and no, the point here may well be about the steering and control of spontaneity and randomness of environmental change by the powerful …

      • pauldenice ha detto:

        Indeed the paleolithic statuettes was the result of a long cultural tradition made of observations by the shamans and what we would call now midwives; noting that birth of babies with larger heads was easier when women ha broader hips. You are right here the question of look is primarily a question of western marketing, which is why I said that it may be “counter adaptative”

      • williamthompsonucc ha detto:

        Great point, Paul, showing from another angle that globalisation is also counterproductive (though it wants all of us to write globaliZation

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