Democratic Round Table’s Manifesto to the People of Hungary

Originally posted on Hungarian Spectrum:
It was on January 16 that four people who are concerned about the fate of Hungary announced the formation of a new Democratic Round Table (Demokratikus Kerekasztal or DEKA). People familiar with the period of the regime change in Hungary will recall that it was at such a round table that the…

wishes … – on the Greek elections, and the time that follows

Whatever we are able and would like to do, presents itself to our imagination, as without us and in the future ; we feel a longing after that which we already possess in secret. thus the passionate anticipating grasp changes  the truly possible into a dreamed reality. Now if such a bias lies decidedly in our nature, then, with every every step of our development will a part of the first wish be fulfilled – under favourable circumstances in the direct way, under unfavourable in the circuitous way, from which we always come back again to the other. Thus we see men by perseverance attain to earthly wealth; they surround themselves with riches, splendor, and external honour. Others strive yet more certainly after intellectual advantages, acquire for themselves a clear survey of things, a peacefulness of mind, and a certainty for the present and the future. Goethe: Truth and Poetry. From my Own Life; Translated from the … Continua a leggere

Opening Views against the Closure of the World

Just doing there final work – proof reading etc. – A book under the title Opening Views against the Closure of the World should then soon ready for publication at Some overview in the following.  The contributions collected in this volumes are all centred around challenges we face globally – and saying globally means that … Continua a leggere

Austerity wrecks economy and society

Haircut or “Grexit“? Two weeks before the early elections in Greece where the left coalition Syriza stands to win a majority, the German media are concerned with little else. Axel Troost, the financial policy speaker of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE in the German Bundestag, met with leading Syriza politicians. In this interview, he explains … Continua a leggere

Freedom of Opinion

Some facts – from Alexander Kentikelenis, Marina Karanikolos, Aaron Reeves, Martin McKee, David Stuckler: Greece’s health crisis: from austerity to denialism; Lancet 2014; 383: 748–53 drastic reductions to municipality budgets have led to a scaling back of several activities (eg, mosquito- spraying programmes20), which, in combination with other factors, has allowed the re-emergence of locally transmitted malaria for the first … Continua a leggere

The way to go

When virtue joined to justice Strew the path of the great with fame, Then is the earth a Heaven indeed. And mortal men are like to gods. (Mozart, Magic Flute: end of Act I)


Once upon a time humankind said the world is flat and they did not dare to sail out, remained neat the shore to be safe, and not falling off. With knowledge progress arrived – or with progress humankind was becoming more knowledgable. And it became common knowledge: the recognition that it is a sphere. Progress had been made, … Continua a leggere

deceiving ….

Continuing from earlier a quote on statistics from an interesting article: The techniques of determining significance are a serious study in themselves, but the common sense cautions in using them may be summed up in two statements: a difference that does not make a difference is not a difference; and: there is a vast difference between … Continua a leggere


Please, find in the following an initiative addressing the situation in Greece … and in Europe. This is a call which you can sign when following the link “CHANGE GREECE – CHANGE EUROPE – CHANGE4ALL!”   Syriza’s potential victory in the forthcoming elections in Greece is of the utmost importance for all those who want Europe … Continua a leggere

globalisation in the small

There are different sides to globalisation, and different ways to look at it and do the maths – and some may be easily overlooked: Doubtless all small towns, in all countries, in all ages, Carol admitted, have a tendency to be not only dull but mean, bitter, infested with curiosity. In France or Tibet quite … Continua a leggere