Excellence – The Mediocrity of Excellencies and Excellence of Mediocrity

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The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds.[1] Those who know me well, can understand what…

Just a reminder

Pensions do not exist to increase national savings or to provide jobs for actuaries, tax lawyers, accountants, fund managers and regulators. Their purpose is to allow the elderly and disabled to retire from work with dignity Willmore, Larry: Three Pillars of Pensions: Is there a need for mandatory contributions? in: OECD, Private Pensions Series OECD 2000 Private Pensions … Continua a leggere

So Slow ….

A recent press release from the Irish Minister for Justice states Dáil to debate Bill to provide free access to health services for Magdalen survivors • Government is committed to full implementation of the Quirke Report • Bill provides for an enhanced medical card for Magdalen survivors • To date a decision has been made in 87% of cases. 495 … Continua a leggere

Truth and Salt

It is good – only human beings as such are relevant …. — … at least this is what the statistics suggest. I am just working on a report about recent developments in Ireland and looking at the CSO-figures for migrants. The table on the Components of the annual population change, 1987 – 2014 provides the figures for Births Deaths … Continua a leggere

a remarkable date

According to a press release of the German party Die Linke, the 20th lot March is remarkable. Women earn 22 % less than their male colleagues. Statistically it means, that they have to work 79 days “without income” if related to a pay policy that respects equality. A long way – and I hope than many men … Continua a leggere

Presenting an agenda for Europe at AMBROSETTI (Lake Como, 14th March 2015)

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Dear All, Ministerial duties have impeded my blogging of late. I am now breaking the silence since I have just given a talk that combines my previous work with my current endeavours. Here is the text of the talk I gave this morning at the Ambrosetti Conference on the theme of ‘An…

How to bring them together ….?

Especially, though not only with the crisis, now lasting for a long time, showing only occasionally small and deceiving glimpses of improvement, the debate on two issues is increasingly gaining momentum: a kind of renaissance, highlighting the importance of returning to a value basis of humane societies a push towards a new economic model, suggesting … Continua a leggere

Compassion in action

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From the Daily Telegraph, 5th March 2015: Iain Duncan Smith: Taking people off benefits is ‘compassionate’.  … for too long it has been assumed that compassion is “soft” …  There is nothing compassionate about increasing dependency by spending more of taxpayers’ money …    No – Conservative compassion is about getting…

Strangulation of humanism: departmentalisation and specialisation versus openness and complexity

Dietro il modo, in cui noi tedeschi conduciamo le nostre scienze, so nasconde una a noi purtroppo innata o inculcata chiusura disciplinare, una passione per lo specialissimo, un fanatismo nel rinserrarsi in sé stessi, tutte cose che senz’altro producono risultati eccellenti e tecnicamente perfetti, ma che determinano al contempo una limitata scientifica e anche umana, … Continua a leggere

complexity of historical and social research

I ogni caso non è possibile, dal punto di vista scientifico, limitarsi alle fonti della storia tedesca. Non si può separare la storia di altri paesi, e specialmente la storia della chiesa, da quella tedesca. Non si può estrapolare dalle tradizioni storiche solo quello che rispettivamente si ritiene essere nazionale, ma scientificamente si può comprenderle … Continua a leggere