The good and the evil

You give much and know not that you give at all .Verily the kindness that gazes upon itself in a mirror turns to stone, And a good deed that calls itself by tender names becomes the parent to a curse. (Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet, 1923)

The Stranger

And when he entered into the city all the people came to meet him, and they were crying out to him as with one voice.And the elders of the city stood forth and said: Go not yet away from us. A noontide have you been in our twilight, and your youth has given us dreams … Continua a leggere

The Direct Way

In order to arrive at knowledge of the motions of birds in the air, it is first necessary to acquire knowledge of the winds, which we will prove by the motions of water in itself, and this knowledge will be a step enabling us to arrive at the knowledge of beings that fly between the air … Continua a leggere


Capital has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms, it has set up that single, unconscionable freedom — free trade More relevant than it had been at the date of its first publication, 21 February 1848


I had supposed that intellectuals frequently loved truth, but I found here again that not ten per cent of them prefer truth to popularity. (Russels)

the guide through the week – and life

I was rather interested in my fellow-prisoners, who seemed to me in no way morally inferior to the rest of the population, though they were on the whole slightly below the usual level of intelligence , as was shown by the their having been caught. (Russels)

the new winter

Sure, much can be said about the reform that is known under the title La buona scuola and there may well be some positive aspects. However, there is definitely a very good reason to populate today the squares and streets of Italy, in protest against the reforms. Without going into detail, one aspect of the … Continua a leggere

Opening Views against the Closure of the World

Originally posted on Commedia della Vita or Pánta Rêi's Firm Ground:
Just doing there final work – proof reading etc. – A book under the title Opening Views against the Closure of the World should then soon ready for publication at Some overview in the following.  The contributions collected in this volumes…

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Still to be remembered – Still and again to be thought about Scroll for the different languages: Italian and German English and French (go to alphabetical order Werke von A-Z, scroll for Die schlesischen Weber Hier eine andere Version in Deutsch – mit Music Cornelia Petmecky rezitiert     Non han ne gli sbarrati occhi … Continua a leggere