Christianity – the Halloween-effect

So far we may consider us as lucky beings — as said: caught in a cage, but knowing by whom, clearly seeing the tamer, being able to find the addressee when considering resistance. Though extremely brutal at times, it is a somewhat simple mechanism, not to say: mechanics … . The cogwheels of the machines … Continua a leggere

There is much more in it …

… or one may also say: there is much less in it. This year’s development of the relationship between Cuba and the USNA came surely for many as surprise – and though I discussed aspects of it since some time with the colleagues from CIPI in Havana, I did not foresee this speed and depth … Continua a leggere

Spring …

A short text – published in German language – is titled Frühling nach dem Winter – oder Trost in der Eiszeit? and published in the recent edition of future2. Zeitschrift fuer Strategie & Entwicklung in Gesellschaft und Kirche (Journal for strategy&development in society and church) The article is in particular discussing more recent developments of the catholic church. It … Continua a leggere

Christianity – caught in the cogwheel …

Sure, we still speak of Modern Times though those times seem to be backward if seen from today. Sure, in one way or another they meant that we all would be caught between the cogwheels of this machine so well captured by Antonio Gramsci in his work and visualised by Charlie Chaplin. In Quaderno 22 Gramsci gives … Continua a leggere


Of course, capturing an entire eeast history, present time and future development in one sentence, or even in three, cannot tell everything. Still, the following three sentences from an article in the Times Higher Education surely say  lot, making clear what we mean, when we speak about neo-colonialisation and when Rosa Luxemburg presented her thoughts on the ‘inner colonilisation’: … Continua a leggere

New Publication: Social Pedagogy and Liberation Theology

Social Pedagogy and Liberation Theology; in: Kornbeck, Jacob/Úcar, Xavier (eds.) Latin American Social Pedagogy: Relaying Concepts, Values and Methods between Europe and the Americas Approaching the topic liberation theology is of some difficulty as for the non-catholic layperson the tension is actually located on a level that stands at the very core of reflection about theology. Two completely different … Continua a leggere

Christianity – after secularisation …

 Reading the Ten Commandments we find the words Thou shalt have no other gods before me Secularisation meant in some way that human kind took power over, making us to self-conscious beings, being responsible for our being, and thus doing. And secularisation is – rightly or wrongly – very much matter of Western enlightenment which … Continua a leggere

Opening Views against the Closure of the World

New Publication, open for preorders Opening Views against the Closure of the World Author: Peter Herrmann (EURISPES – Istituto di Studi Politici, Economici e Sociali, Rome, Italy, and others) Book Description:  The chapters of the present book analyze contemporary societal challenges and changes in light of the social quality approach and French regulationist thinking. This means … Continua a leggere


The Superior Man is aware of Righteousness, the inferior man is aware of advantage. (Confucius)

university ranking …

I am wondering why ranking of universities is used though it may well put them in highly negative light: Those counting Oxford as their alma mater are arguably better known. They include … Hungary’s premier Viktor Orbán … Is it a warning: never go to Oxford if you want to maintain mental health and democratic responsibility?