Sports – Shaping Urban Social Spaces

Social Inclusion – Social Exclusion: Physical Exercise as Means between Strengthening Individuals and Integration into Collectivities – Shaping Urban Social Spaces had been the title of the presentation I gave during the 2015 Annual Conference of the International Journal of the History of Sports — Sport, Urbanization and Social Stratification in Asian Society which took place on November 27th – 28th in Nanchang, China. Abstract: … Continua a leggere

sustainability manifesto

IASQ and ISS to publish sustainability manifesto At the approach of the Climate Conference in Paris IASQ and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) will publish a manifesto, pressing for the crossing of existing borders in academic action on sustainability and inspiring state leaders to support this. The document will focus on the urgent … Continua a leggere

Sports – Urbanisation and Social Stratification

Leaving teaching and coping with life aside (well, who can say the latter is easy in a world of which modernity is not just liquid but where liquidity seems to wash away human rights on all levels – I am not writing this because I am in China!! Or perhaps I am writing it because I am here, … Continua a leggere

Studying, Responsibility and Ethics

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein I uploaded a series of presentations given to students of economics at 中南林业科技大学班戈学院/Bangor College CSUFT in Changsha, Hunan Province in China. The title/subject of the course these presentations introduced is “Learning Skills” – the recommended book rather stupidifying, assuming students are naive, pursuing a … Continua a leggere

No-Cash-on-the-Table Principle

… or about the deforming of human minds … Measuring the World – the title of a novel by Daniel Kehlmann …  … The title of another novel could be Simplification of the World … the textbook version exists already Still, the No-Cash-on-the-Table Principle is important. It tells us, in effect, that there are only three … Continua a leggere

Ho paura perché siamo noi a fare paura

Davvero, non ci sono risposte semplici That is why we may also fear “safe places” Un commento della nostra community dopo gli attentati di Parigi Alessandro Parodi – l’unità, 14 novembre 2015 Ci dicono, in molti, in queste ore: non dobbiamo avere paura. Io invece ho paura. Voglio avere paura. Non dell’ineluttabile possibilità che questo orrore possa colpire me, … Continua a leggere


Es ist immer ein Zusammengehen und ein … auf der einen Seite genau wissen, was man möchte und im selben Moment dennoch offen sein. In der Vorstellung oder im Konzert bleibt die Freiheit, diese Offenheit fuer den Moment, und zwar fuer den Moment von jedem von uns: was kommt nicht dazu, oder was bestimmt der … Continua a leggere


Management by Champignon Employees are left in the dark; occasionally throwing manure on them – and as soon as somebody shows him/herself the person is dismissed. Management by Crocodile To be up to the neck in the mud – but brag. Management by Helicopter To hover above everything, land from time to time and cause quite a … Continua a leggere

Pillage – Plundering

Le grand risque est que les gens croient qu’il y a création de richesses la ou il n’y a qu’enrichissement. L’argent ne peut se faire que sur la captation d’une valeur ajoutée. La rémunération du capital n’est pas un gain pour la collectivité, quand elle ne correspond pas à une production de biens ou services … Continua a leggere