Migration, German openness and … – the other side

Germany is frequently praised for the policies in connection with migration. And there is surely no reason for any kind of black and white paintings, nor for applying a too broad brush – we are currently elaborating in a small group from the scientific council of attac (Association pour la Taxation des Transactions financières et pour l’Action … Continua a leggere

Times changed – will times change

It is today that Barack Obama visits Cuba – and Che Guevara’s Son says Obama will visit an Independent Cuba. It is the second time a U.S. President pays a visit. While calculating GDP-rates, their global development across different sectors and ventilating the perspectives for the development of the Cuban economy for a new era, … Continua a leggere


Yes, writing “quick comments” is admittedly always dangerous, hastily arriving at wrong conclusions. Still, there is occasionally a huge temptation, and it may be justified as such writing possibly provokes …, well, some really important and not so hasty thoughts, easily overlooked when it comes to detailed analysis of …, well detailed analysis. Reference at … Continua a leggere

Thoughts on today’s Europe …

… and what may learned from Confucius: It is a disgrace to be rich and honoured in an unjust state. Sure, it is something not only for Europe … – and it is not something just for today. More a general matter of the Mysteries of progress …, and its failure.  

Economics – beyond calculations

Nothing special though possibly a small contribution on matters of understanding economics as social science in its true sense. It is very basic – recordings from teaching students in China who are in their first year (second semester) learning about economics. The first lectures can be found here.

Dreams … I sogni ci aiutano a cambiare la realtà.

I sogni ci aiutano a cambiare la realtà. Well, as much as this trip was about some work, it waS also about these things we usually call ‘pleasure’. So, in the meantime I went to the theatre, a play based on Luchino Visconti’s Rocco e i suoi fratelli. In my opinion the performance was not really great – … Continua a leggere