Shanghai Forum 

Under the title Growth and Development – Complement or Contradictions I looked at some challenges for a global agenda. This contribution had been part of the  China and Latin America round table, organised by the Centre for BRICS Studies, Fudan Development Institute in the framework of the Shanghai Forum 2016. The participation was also the … Continua a leggere


Economics is the religion of equations. Had been said before, by several others … . A pity that good presentations on the role of monetary expansions are “religionised”, so much deceiving the real issues, even if the directly deal with them. If you put an ‘almighty god’ into any equation, there is only one solution. … Continua a leggere

The Devil, the Detail and the Devil’s Home

It is often said that the devil can be found in the detail – and this is not contest here as general rule. However, we should never forget to think about the place where the devil can be found, namely the devil’s home. The Council of the Economic Advisors is looking in an issue brief … Continua a leggere


Of course it would be silly to deny the value of democratic rules and mechanisms as free elections, representation and the like. But looking at countries where all these are in place, one may occasionally ask what all this really means.  A report on the situation in France and its labor reform may make us think … Continua a leggere


It is always easy – and tempting – to work with slogans and catchwords like Brazilianisation, New Princedoms and the like. One aspect behing putting them forward is the fact that they often focus on one point, by this presenting things neatly. And for this they can and should be always be criticised. But occasionally they also allow … Continua a leggere

some of the news

About some of the recent activities reports can be found here in Chinese langauge.    

Zsuzsa Ferge

I am glad that I could make a small contribution to celebrate this great colleague – it is always a pleasure to meet a person that is ready to stand up, to move things – to sit down – to seriously discuss issues, and to be around – just to have a good time together.  Zsuzsa, thank … Continua a leggere

US – “world leadership in the care sector”

Surprising? Yes, it is indeed the United States of Northern America who are playing a leading in the  care sector — of course, one may have to look exactly at the definitions of “care” and “leadership”. Check yourself here for the Black Alabama Inmates Strike Against Oppression and Slavery. And do not forget to watch the … Continua a leggere

Impressions from a weekend in Yueyang

It had been a brief trip – a short distance, it takes about half an hour by train to arrive from Changsha in Yueyang. I had been there earlier, seeing the blueprints and architectural models of what I would visit now as reality already in place – surely part of the reality as it is about an ongoing … Continua a leggere

Airport Chat

The only free seat, while waiting for the boarding to commence, was the one between brother and sister …, as usual I forgot the name. Unusual though that we talk about “the world” and that “there is something wrong, though I don’t know what.” My reference to the Evangelii Gaudium and an attempted “left interpretation” does not really … Continua a leggere