A new week, an old task

From: Max Horkheimer 1939: The Social Function of Philosophy We cannot say that, in the history of philosophy, the thinkers who had the most progressive effect were those who found most to criticize or who were always on hand with so-called practical programs. Things are not that simple. A philosophical doctrine has many sides, and each … Continua a leggere

Optimism …

“Oh, Pangloss!” cried Candide, “thou hadst not guessed at this abomination; it is the end. I must at last renounce thy optimism.” “What is this optimism?” said Cacambo. “Alas!” said Candide, “it is the madness of maintaining that everything is right when it is wrong.” (Voltaire: Candide)

Independent thinking ….

… and the small steps the academic world undermines it … Two weeks teaching are over, today with the long Sunday sessions … – it is good to see the students (well, some of them) again being around, eager to learn, interested in understanding the world and gain independent thinking. Sure, independent thinking does by … Continua a leggere

War – the political intercourse carried on with other means — 9/11/1973

While writing, just before the 9/11 date, I can only assume that there will be another series of memorials … — and the one nearly complete amnesia: September 11, 1973 is the date which marks much more than just another violent rebuke of an alternative to business as usual as capitalist is called — and it … Continua a leggere

Now available: Cohesion Instead of Integration – Shifting Borders and the Role of Communications

A new publication is now available from Nova Publishers: Cohesion Instead of Integration – Shifting Borders and the Role of Communications (see also: 班戈学院Herrmann教授参与编撰的新书正式出版) Abstract The chapter presents some theoretical and methodological considerations regarding communication. The fundamental question is if – and if so, to what extent – communication is playing a new role in today’s societies, where borders have shifted in multiple … Continua a leggere

democracy – strangest things ever

Probably one of the strongest things ever when we talk about democracy and “legimitation by procedure” – the recent decision in Brazil. And there is so much damage that will be done in the time to come.

Off to class …

… the same dingdong …, teaching economics. Funnily enough (well, not really funny at all) the schedule should start with an “Introduction into Economics” – after learning English during the first year. No propaedeutics in the true meaning of introducing into academic thinking. Still, looking at the requirements and standards sent from the British “mother university”, there … Continua a leggere

old stuff …, and the summit …

Sure, it would be worthwhile to post some photos now (yes, these meetings have their most enjoyable beauty – watch from ca minute 5:32), (though I remember a more exciting performance I visited some years back, Tan Dun was the head behind some “organic compositions“) or the first reports from the Hangzhou-meetings …, But it is usually clear … Continua a leggere


Myths — looking at the debt-crisis and the question of reparations in the context of Greece is surely important in terms of the pure and immediate calculation – it had been an issue that had been frequently brought forward in the recent months in connection with the “Greek case” which is more a “German case” … Continua a leggere


but top of what? in which way? top – the top people, world leaders meeting in Hangzhou? top – the sheer audacity, ignorance and injustice? top – as matter of separating issues, discussing at most single issues? top – as matter of education, research … – all the excellence-centres, defined by extreme specialisation, which is result … Continua a leggere