academic bloomers

Something is going wrong in academia – is it a matter of the publishing sector or the awarding system? A sentence in Bruno F. Frey’s article on ‘Publishing as prostitution? – Choosing between one’s own ideas and academic success‘ (Public Choice 116: 205–223, 2003) does not provide the answer, though it importantly poses the question. A well-known example … Continua a leggere

Realities and perspectives of the progressive and leftist processes in Latin America

In the context of the XIII Conference of Latin American Studies “Realities and perspectives of the progressive and leftist processes in Latin America”, taking place from today until the 21st of October 2016 in Havana, Cuba, an article I read recently, comes to my mind. It is about the US Blockade on Cuba being ‘Genocidal’ and … Continua a leggere

Disenchantment …

or enchantment …? In sociology we know latest since Max Weber about the disenchantment of the world. And still we cannot completely grasp it … – You may remember an entry some time ago, when I wrote about a chat with a friend, looking at The Other Dimension. There it was about emotions, the exceptional … Continua a leggere

At the end ..

Alone * Across the Earth are leading many a road and bend, yet all are speeding to the selfsame end. ** Be you riding or driving as twosome or three, the last of your steps belongs but to thee. *** For skill’s not as valid, nor all that is known, as tackling the difficult stuff … Continua a leggere


Over the last year or so, a working group on Migration of the Scientific Council of attac –  Association Pour La Taxation Des Transactions Financières Pour L’Aide Aux Citoyens, elaborated a working paper on issues of Refuge and Migration. At the core of the work stood the elaboration of a document that evaluates and assesses … Continua a leggere