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A brief note on a “change” of the blog. Two new categories are added: Aphorisms from living in and between worlds – impressions and conversations It is a bit about thoughts on life and its philosophy, and also about joys of life. But it is more like taking up on the Diary from a Journey into … Continua a leggere

mind snatchers

Back home now, taking up teaching again – and with this the “major challenge” we face – nolens volens E.P. Thompson wrote in an article in 1970: Collectively, all of us – all we liberal academics – were struck with a paralysis of will as the system not only grew round us, but built us into its … Continua a leggere

the combi-app

Recently I had to travel from Berlin to Salzburg – and after not living in Europe for some time now, I booked a flight, not really thinking about the distance, simply having the “vague feeling” that it is quite a distance and visiting a gateway site, scanning hundreds of connections. After booking the flight – Berlin to Cologne/Duesseldorf, … Continua a leggere

Quo Vadis? – On EUrope’s future

What I usually do not do … – posting a link only – I still do occasionally, e.g. today: Quo Vadis Europa? | Marica Frangakis on the EuroMemorandum 2017 and the multi-speed scenario for the future of Europe

Political Economy or Political Economics?

So gut wie nichts hat alles gut gemacht (Adorno) Nearly nothing made everything good (Adorno) Davis, on page 53 of the Planet of Slums, contends: The very market forces, in other words, that the World Bank currently hails as the solution to the Third World urban housing crisis are the classical instigators of that same crisis. … Continua a leggere

One of the many …

… for the many of the one humankind which is still characterised by so many gaps and segmentations … … one of the many contributions to the International Women’s Day, taks to Solidar. To be added to the article, of course: the origin of the IWD goes back much further in history, and indeed it … Continua a leggere

Reviving Schaeuble’s Augean Stables?

The other day, I was writing in a mail to colleague, saying I would soon send some comments on what had been suggested to be the great vision on E future ! A very stimulating document ! the White Paper on the future of Europe announced here, actually not agreeing with such an assessment. In that mail … Continua a leggere

puzzling attractions …

I once asked students, for the exams, to write a brief essay on the following: Why are we frequently impressed by looking at the poor and this lives: at least seemingly simple and content with what they have? I recently looked at Davis’ Book on The Planet of Slums, reading there: Urban inequality in the … Continua a leggere