Berlin Diaries …*

… though they will not be from Berlin only …

There is a special charm, a witchery in every new beginning (Hesse)

… and having moved to Berlin is surely a beginning, and charming, bewitching if we take it in a very broad sense, with a variety of connotations – those that are commonly attributed and others.

Having moved …, actually at the very moment of launching this site, I am still doing so, but that would be another story. Here it is about … we different things that are here gathered under the title of personal reflections of one who was going to find a haven of peace, but who was increasingly drawn into the restlessness of the universe.

Impressions – they do nit come in a specific order – and this ordering is part of what life, living personality is about. And it is also – leaving all materiality aside – in some way a meta.empiricism: what we perceive does exist, objectively, materially – it is the perception of having, not having and equally of need and want. But nevertheless, all this is also depending on context and interpretation and … ordering, making.

Max Ernst’s”Egyptian Eye”

Making also by accident – as that “eye”, a meaningless, worthless pebble, failing as exhibit, but at least integrating in what became surreal – something (a pebble) made to be a valuable eye and indeed establishing a culture “positioned above reality”, while actually emerging from the very ground … – but all this is worthwhile to have a special look at later.

For time being one thing remains crucial – “you are always looking for and spotting the ugly” I once had been confronted with a statement like this, and “confronted” referred in that case not to analytical skills or even what may be called “neutral statement”. The diaries of those years in Rome to which it belongs have never been written. The other day a friend said something similar, though also something that had been completely different and …, well, it belongs to the current diaries though another volume headed as “Global Terms and Conditions”: you are always so serious, so sincere. Serious, sincere, hard-working have a different meaning when we talk about it, nobody really knowing what the meaning is: the commitment, goal-orientation, assertiveness … of a people and of people living in dynasties, and later standing up against the superpower(s) and …, and also just doing the work simply to survive. It finds its expression when a friend says it to me, at first glance suggesting that I would deny the pleasures of life; second glance, admitting that work is a not a leisure but still a pleasure activity; third, then, often laughing about …, well, call it stupidities and nothingness of life. And there will be a int of everything i the different “boxes” to follow, each open in itself and open to each other.

* After uploading the first two recordings I learn about the work undertaken by Paul Parin, who published as part of the work the book with the title “Die Weissen denken zuviel” (The White Man is thinking too much”, an exclamation from a member of the Dagons in Westafrika – no title-Plagiarism had been intended or even taken into consideration as being possible – at the time of using the words I did not even know about the earlier use by the unknown Dagon.

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