casual thoughts on causalities in reality – too often ending in social casualties

So many tiny things are going on around us, with – or against – us, often not mentioned, in particular: not seen as part of complex, though veiled, realities and too often as well ignored: accepted as something that happens and cannot changed — apparently.

But …. is it necessary, even acceptable, that we ignore mischievous behaviour in order to avoid conflicts? — Sure, there is this dream of living in a conflict-free world, putting everything into a tiny box, closing it and enjoy the peace.

Diese umwerfend huebsche 16-Jaehrige mit dem eleganten blassen Gesicht, den eichhoernchenbraunen Augen, dem immer ganz leicht geöffneten Kussmund, den hüftlangen Haaren und den schönsten Händen (und Fingernägeln), die ich kannte, lungerte in jeder freien Minute auf schlammigen Provinzsportplaetzen in Ditzingen, Geringem oder Moehringen herum, konnte aktuelle Tabellenstaende aus der Region runterbeten nd ueber strittige Abseitspositionen palavern, war aber nicht in der Lage, etwas Sinnvolles auf die Frage zu antworten, ob sie sich manchmal  ebenfalls wuensche, ein so unschuldiges, geliebtes Tier zu sein, das reines Glueck empfinden könne, one im Umkehrschluss den graulichen Jammer der Welt gewahr werden zu muessen. Vielleicht war sie auch an meiner Sprache gescheitert, die ich mir, wie ich glaubte, bei Schiller geliehen hatte (Urban: Wie alles begann: 36 f)(This stunningly pretty 16-year-old with the elegant pale face, the squirrel-brown eyes, the ever-so-slightly open kissing mouth, the waist-length hair and the most beautiful hands (and fingernails) I knew, loitered around muddy provincial sports grounds in Ditzingen, Geringem or Moehringen every spare minute, I could recite the latest standings from the region and palaver about disputed offside positions, but was unable to answer the question meaningfully, whether she sometimes wished she too was such an innocent, beloved animal, able to feel pure happiness, only to have to become aware of the cruel misery of the world. Perhaps she had also failed because of my language, which I believed I had borrowed from Schiller.
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… hang on, even if we aren’t making it to the height of Schiller ion every day’s life there are some reasons to move on … – without envy; casting deep understanding of the simple into the reflection of life – “philosophising over am olive in the cocktail” (the existentialist cafe, passim). Already this formulation will show that it is not about taking the fu out of everything. Perhaps it is even the other way round: making fun of things by showing how little serious, how ridiculous some people act, things are, developments move. … Nevertheless, serious, and also serious as matter of readiness to complex (and somewhat winded) thinking.