A meeting the other day – in connection with exams I dared to raise a point that should be considered. Indeed my muttering, expressing some demur was not ignored but answered: We are not talking about fairness, we are looking for a solution.


Sometimes I cannot stop myself thinking that days are increasingly speechless since we life in the communication society. Time is absorbed by searching for information on the web; waiting for the sites to open: increasingly data-complex with the many integrated links ad fancy features, and in inverted proportion decreasingly info-deep; safe files that we download … Continua a leggere

magna moralia pericula

an idea at last to dialectically overcome the minima moralia – didn’t critical theory claim that it needs to be critical against itself, thus suggesting that it has to oppose itself ? Anyway, there is one of such moral hazards that comes to my mind, and it is about a blank that Niklas Luhmann did nit just … Continua a leggere

puzzling attractions …

I once asked students, for the exams, to write a brief essay on the following: Why are we frequently impressed by looking at the poor and this lives: at least seemingly simple and content with what they have? I recently looked at Davis’ Book on The Planet of Slums, reading there: Urban inequality in the … Continua a leggere

confusing distinctions

Fetters …. – is there a difference between legs and brain? Somebody – from the field of youth and social work – proposed to me that, in order to overcome a clash of events, I could post my lecturers as video online, thus being able to be in a way present in two locations. Later … Continua a leggere