REAL Branding

It may be worthwhile to consider: You only get the ’trade marks’ of the car – be it star, rings, or … , well you name it – after a test period of driving in a responsible and circumspect way – not assessed by the police record [or the lack of it] but by showing respect for others, … Continua a leggere

Brainifactorer – … Supplement

There are so many checks … , and though it is often talked about ‘checks and balances’, there is not much done about the latter. Perhaps, as incentives matter, it should be made easier to think more about balances by pitching them to business, talking about cheques and balances? Anyway, looking at mails I get, … Continua a leggere

Reduktion oder Steigerung von Komplexität?

Oh ja, auch die deutsche Sprache kann Innovationen vertragen, es geht nicht nur um Braini-facturer und Gainification in der Englischen Sprache, sondern es bietet sich auch der Begriff der Ver-Indirektlichung als Wortschöpfung im Deutschen an. Der Grund ist eine zunehmende Diskussion von Prozessen der ‚Externalisierung’ vor allem auch in der deutschen Sozialwissenschaft: die Auslagerung von Kosten … Continua a leggere

gym for the specials …

Gyms …. perhaps I am …, well not naive, but simply lacking knowledge, and so it may well be that such thing does exist already – it is so simple, so obvious a source of ‘wealth’ that it really has to exist – aren’t we living in a society characterised by gainification [yes, it moves … Continua a leggere

Gainification …

Gainification …. Karl Polanyi stated on page 30 in his book on the great transformation: ‘Nineteenth century civilization alone was economic in a different and distinctive sense, for it chose to base itself on a motive only rarely acknowledged as valid in the history of human societies, and certainly never before raised to the level of a … Continua a leggere

manufacture adé …?

Language – keep it alive … a matter not only of talking as otherwise they will be forgotten as much as the dead are forgotten and the forgotten are dying …, starving to death one may say. And keeping it alive means, allowing the privilege of permanent ‘rebirth’ –  REnewing and reNEWing, the offspring never being ‘just the … Continua a leggere

the combi-app

Recently I had to travel from Berlin to Salzburg – and after not living in Europe for some time now, I booked a flight, not really thinking about the distance, simply having the “vague feeling” that it is quite a distance and visiting a gateway site, scanning hundreds of connections. After booking the flight – Berlin to Cologne/Duesseldorf, … Continua a leggere