human beings or markets, products and services?

Do we really need markets everywhere, protecting products and services, instead of humans? At least this is the impression while reading the [Guardian]report, titled Israeli airline can’t make women move seats for religious reasons, court rules El Al loses case brought by Holocaust survivor asked to move after ultra-orthodox man refused to sit next to her Seeing … Continua a leggere

sorry, I wrote what I meant …

… although it is most likely that it will go unnoticed. In a 2017 discussion paper from the McKinsey Global Institute, posing the question Where will Latin America’s growth come from? we can read on page 15 … shifting from an abundance mindset to a productivity mindset. The hegemony of competitive market economies, grounded in … Continua a leggere

… beginning …

I saw the highly esteemed Ken Loach, as so many others, getting somewhat trapped – or trapping himself: Ken Loach Q&A and screening of ‘I, Daniel Blake’ at SOAS University of London saying what is so often said by many people, by many of us: We have to begin where people are He corrected himself shortly later, … Continua a leggere

with – for – by ?

Europe must be close to its citizens. This is the concise statement we find on page 26 of the document that became known as Tindemen-report – and it is indeed worthwhile to read here: European Union 1/76 : Report by Mr Leo Tindemans to … – EU Bookshop the ‘old stuff’. the sentence can be found at the … Continua a leggere

Metaphors, at times closer to reality than sober appraisal?

First, I did not think much about it – though yes, I saw it as another and typical expression of the shortcoming of the European architecture – a paragraph from the document that became known as The Five President’s Report. On page four we read: Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) today is like a house that was built … Continua a leggere

quantitative data

Of course, it is important to make empirical studies – and though we know well about the fundamentals already, I surely am not arguing against further empirical research and the need of it. And an important topic is surely that brought forward by a Eurofound-study, published under the title Income inequalities and employment patterns in Europe before … Continua a leggere

quo vadis – not yet answered …

… and possibly not yet sufficiently clear in posing the question. In his address to the Heads of State, on the occasion of the anniversary of the process of  European integration, of which the EU is so far the highest stage, pope Francis said that [t]hat spirit remains as necessary as ever today, in the … Continua a leggere

Political Economy or Political Economics?

So gut wie nichts hat alles gut gemacht (Adorno) Nearly nothing made everything good (Adorno) Davis, on page 53 of the Planet of Slums, contends: The very market forces, in other words, that the World Bank currently hails as the solution to the Third World urban housing crisis are the classical instigators of that same crisis. … Continua a leggere