A collection from the private correspondence

Including on issues that had been written, though they couldn’t be said open- and publicly at the time … . Embarrassing? Not for me, presuming that embarrassment is about being dishonest to oneself: having thought, said, done something against the – at the time – given insight, knowledge and opportunities. In other words it is about having thought, said, done something that had not been opportune at the time. What is expressed is what for me at the time had ben something that I consider as appropriate, reflecting thoughts, words and deeds of the time and also allowing to appropriate the situation, allowing to think, speak and act further, looking at past, presence and future. I hope the addressees can see it also this way – by and large I tried to anonymise, though surely not to depersonalise, conversations. The small collection of sometimes very personal refections should be understood even more as reflections – mirrors and looking-glasses – of the Zeitgeist.



at the end of the file name means: written in German language

A few files are there as illustration, as for instance the file “a sofa is a sofa”, mentioned in the forgoing mail