Politics, of course …

Phrase used when, closing a mail, sent on Tuesday:

Regards from Munich, where I arrived without  health check – if people talk about dictatorial centralist China, they should not forget thinking about European states, casually playing with peoples life, Peter

There is some warmongering going on, isn’t it?

Oh folks, remain realist …

Definitely, it is for us in China a kind of nightmare-situation: the threat, the insecurity, the psychological strain and also the inconvenience and thus physical strain: shops being closed, villagers deciding quarantine-ing themselves and people just accepting, staying calm and cooperating. And then …. – the German news magazine coming up with a title-page like this:

Sorry, for me it is sending a wrong message, it is simply tasteless … “when globalisation is becoming a deadly danger” …, I suppose that is more about Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, though mind: not produced there … and so many other similar incidents …

And, indeed, there is something else made in China – the other day I received a message from a former student of mine – when I had been teaching economics. We are still in touch and Isn’t him a message, just the hello and how r u and take care -part of the answer:

Not only protecting myself, also protecting people around me. Ordered nearly 1,800 face masks from Japan last week and looking forward to receive them. Going to sell them at original price with a limit number per person and donate revenue from selling them. Purchased 2kg of “hande desinfektionsgel” from Germany for my parents.

now, I would not even be surprised if les boches claim that is “German benevolence”


Machine translation of the letter mentioned:

Hello, I thank you for this letter and the assurance of solidarity from the German side. While searching for this mail-address of the BS I also see the reference to the naturally welcome wish for respectful cooperation. Germany East not Germany and the AA can not be everywhere and control etc. But I must confess that such a tasteless cover picture, like the one of the Spiegel, simply shakes me. The experience that I make with my life in China lets me see with my German passport such an insult with shame and anger.
Der Spiegel is not the German press and I can only hope that this is the exception to the rule of reporting. This “naughtiness” of the seal with criticism and rejection but the AA would certainly be compatible with the freedom of the press, because this is equal to the responsibility in reporting.
With kind regards
Peter Herrmann

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

NewYear, the 3rd

It has a little bit of a third New Years Celebration in a row: first to 2020, then the year of the rat and finally Brexit. a commemorative coin, a celebratory speech and surely for many some form of hangover feeling …

Of course this date is a fake – and it is impossible to assess history before it actually happened. What we just witnessed is not more than another stage of long process. Still, it is a crucial one. I will not try to make an analysis of it. However, three points are worthwhile to be mentioned.

from: TeleSUR. January 31st, 2020:Brexit day has come …; 


Let’s start with the kind of success story: it is the extremely low unemployment rate on the island. According to The Economist we see in unemployment rate of 3.8 percent. So Brexit is already now a success? The Economist – and mind it isThe Economist – highlights of the following context:
* A low unemployment rate
* Young people sticking to their job and not ready for change
* And the stability translates into stable low wages.

In the labour market, loyalty does not pay: shifting jobs tends to be a good way of getting a salary boost. In 2017 the average pay rise for a worker staying with the same employer was just 1.1% after inflation compared with 5.4% for someone making a change.


You might also expect supposedly flighty 20-somethings to be eager movers. Yet younger workers remain more wedded to their current jobs than they were before the financial crisis of 2007-09. There is a similar trend in other rich countries, but it is particularly pronounced in Britain. Young Britons’ reluctance to move may be part of the explanation for their dismal wage-growth. In the five years after the crash, they experienced a larger cut in real wages than their older colleagues.

Success? Things are open for discussion.


I do not recall the time and occasion of the proposal of a “EU-free day”: all fees and taxes due, all regulations and bureaucratic procedures to be accepted -of course, everybody having the own national money in the pockets. Difficult to imagine? Trying to buy a computer, produced by a global enterprise, while you are residing in China. Go to the website of HP, DELL, xyz – at least in one respect they are global: you cannot find what you. It is a language problem, of course; however in this case the language problem is the fundamentals of the computer you buy are geared too the country where you buy  in this case China. It may be even more obvious, if ui look at the Huawei mobile phones: for the Western market they have all are Google preinstalled while it is banned here. Then you may try going to a European site, ask for instance a friend in Germany or France to buy a laptop with an Italian keyboard. Please do not forget, to send a train ticket or flight billet – such keyboard will not be available in Gemany or France. As you will be more lucky if you go to the Internet. – there’s a good deal of deceiving – anyway we may speak of a veil of globalisation. It is topped by Apple, of course: they offer you to come into the shop, nowadays called store. You can go there and they will help you going to the Italian website and buy the computer online. The last hurdle: you will need the codice fiscale (the Italian tax number), an address in Italy and a friend who sends it from there to you. Writing the last hurdle, does not mean that the curtain falls: instead of saving  the VAT, you will have to pay import tax – on top of the money paid for transport.


Did you ever have the spiderweb apps? Well, it’s just another expression for a broken screen. It had been a little bit of a nuisance, so I decided to get repaired. Is so often, Guo Min helped me, suggesting:
Don’t go to the high-street. There is the small workshop – actually as well on the high-street, the Lushan road, but it is kind of hidden – under the rarely used stair case. It is such cheaper.
So, one day, in the evening when I went home, I stopped there and asked the guy if he could repair the screen. Kind of spontaneously he replied


I walked on, not thinking much about it anymore. But then, a few hundred metres further, there had been another “under-the-stairs-shop” – here it a lady and she looked is a phone, checked a number, look something up in the catalogue and on the Internet, finally saying

Yes, that’s no problem. It will take about three hours

Great, I’ll be back tomorrow.  what time do you start business?


– and that had been the time I arrived there the following day.She looked at me, shook her head:ù

I am sorry, but I cannot repair it – it is a foreign phone.


I look at the brand-name, saying:

Foreign? But it is the leading Chinese brand, isn’t it?

Yes, indeed, but you bought it abroad, right?

Yes, that is a fact. And of course I know what you mean ….

So I trotted away, not thinking about it any further. Another day Lv visited me, saw the broken screen and she said

I sorted out, don’t worry.

A couple of keystrokes on the phone:

It is a workshop nearby – he will still do it if we go there now. He won’t close the shop then.

So we went there, about one hour later the screen had been replaced –  but the brand-name, ingrained in it, had not been the original – just that of the main competitor.


Now, don’t believe I will let you go. In actual fact, we are arriving now at the most exciting point the the tragicomedy. according to the one article in teleSUR

For proponents, Brexit is a dream “independence day” for the U.K. escaping what they cast as a doomed German-dominated project that is failing its 500 million population.

And another article is headlined 

Scots: Leave a light on for Scotland because we will be back

Indeed, a mess, isn’t it. As outlined earlier, and anecdotical, there are truly “good points”, favoring the EU. And we should not forget that the British orientation for independence is prevailing since a very long time – some will surely remember the fear and hostility around the tunnel; for others this remembrance day may be about the various anti-social, even anti-human(e) attitudes. I remember e.g. the way of dealing with the BSE-issue. I remember one Council meeting – the British refusing to accept a “package” (it contained a major social initiative) unless the discontinuation BSE-trade limitation would be included into the package. A very sad example of ignorance of human rights. The EU could you at least mean some control of such imperialist, anti-humanist, most egoistic behaviour. One of these successive stories, although not especially concerning, is the progress in the area of gender equality –  though this is still limited, it is undeniable. Nevertheless, there is the trap we easily forget consciously ignore: in actual this European Union is a project of the centre-states, Germany still playing a leading role. And the historical comedy – or is it a parody – is, that Scotland – or to be precise the Scottish independentistas – want to counter British colonialism by joining the Franco-Germanic imperialism. – This could, indeed, emerge one day as  real tragedy of the commons. 


Brexit – a kind of third New Years eve and New Year … . One of the visible similarities consists in the fact, there is much ado about it, a lot of it is for us, as people from all ways of life, just like a pool with many bubbles: some shallow waters, dangerous currents, and of course stretches of smooth sailing and many paired with traps. But I suppose in the end, it is just about opening another web, and we will be easily victims of the spider – on both sides of the border, not so much both sides of the classes. though there will surely be a hangover for everybody.

It reminds me of in some strange way of something – when theGerman Basic Law had been discussed, Kurt Bachmann said the German Bundestag something like the following

Although we are going to vote this act today, you will see the we will be the strongest defenders at some stage in the future.

Indeed, so it came. And so it seems to be with the institutionalized Europe: although we had been fundamentally critical about it, about THIS Europe, we are now those who are defending it in the most pronounced way.

Moving On …

2019, now 2020
the year of the pig, now the year of the rat

the time of old years coming to an end and new years taking their commence is often and commonly the time of thinking back … – the year that just come to its end and the early years of our personal lives and the lives of societies, ach and all with thither own dreams of “once upon a time ….” – some of the dreams possibly became true – and probably more that had been disappointed – what else could be the reason behind the new-years-resolutions: he hope for change and at least the little one can do oneself.


Recently a friend (acquaintance, colleague, somebody I occasionally meet and like to meet, just to chat with across so many borders that mark our completely different backgrounds and lives) … , well, already last year she had been a bit in despair “…. I hear a problem.” – “Tell me!” and she did: her mother was going to retire – 55 years old (as it is [going to change now] the retirement age here in China. So young if we are honest and in many cases marking such an obvious break, evidencing that employment is not only some time we spend in some place, doing something defined in a contract and getting remunerated according to the same contract); it is a complex social relationship, also – at least very often – defining our “lives beyond” (this evidencing the simplification that is entailed in the formula of “work-life-balance”). And when it ends … – well, presumably especially daughters taut come up with what she said : “I have a problem”. The parents now expecting … – well, what do they expect? That the children compensate for the social loss: permanent visits, invites “wouldn’t it be nice …”; overacting the grandchildren or even moving into the same house: making their own loss to the loss of the children, in turn loosing their children just in order to get another time lost (mind the subtle though difficult to understand formulation of this formulation of the multiplication of loss). All this actually a consequence of justifying the alienation by auch nonsense of speaking off work-life-balance, affirmation and celebration of that fact that the worker

feels at home when he is not working, and when he is working he does not feel at home.
(Marx, Karl, 1844: Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844; in: Karl Marx. Frederick Engels. Collected Works. Volume 3: Marx and Engels: 1843-44; London: Lawrence&Wishart, 1975; 229-346: here: 274)

Instead of work-life balance we should investigate more the question of individual and society in the spirit as Norbert quasi-implanted it into my thinking (Norbert had been surely grater influence than Niklas Luhmann although I had been occasionally classified as pupil of the latter, also with some justification).

Recently the said friend came back to this her problem, though she did not draw the link: My mother is getting more and more child-like …


– for some time something popped up again and again seeks for a rest, wants to be resolved in one way or another – small things, and perhaps such blog is a way of resolving one issue, perhaps also by way of leading to a resolution …?

One or the other reader will remember what is still rather common here in Asia – I remember it from my childhood in the West: The Henkelmann, or as we usually said Düppe.

Von Claus Ableiter – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5197464

A simple container made from metal. Where I had been grown up it had been used by the workers: meals, having been prepared at home, had been carried to work and often heated up in large water basins – the workers sitting together, munching their individually prepared meal together. Today and here they are still used – but supposedly for carrying food from restaurants home, to be consumed then there. But what seems to be here and there the dominant pattern is different: the container is replaced by plastic bags and paper cups and the consumption …, well it seems to happen – while the various traditions of the family meal, the we-meal, the luncheon and you name it still play an important role, another and perhaps increasing role plays the throw-in-meal on the way: consumed out of throw-away crockery, throwing away the breaks between events and activities by focusing on the title plastic bag that send up in a bin …  seen from today’s perspective the vocation of an archeologist in hundred, two-hundred or five-hundred years time appears to be promising: looking at what is left a long time after there eis not much left of us individually and exploring what we just throw away today, not only materially.


Is it justified to say it is the ability of togetherness that depends on the ability of independence and vice versa? Does this not suggest, that such break as entering retirement-age brings up all disappointments, all the unrealised dreams we have heard at some time and that remained unfulfilled while growing into a society that did not allow us to make them becoming true in mature forms. I do nit remember the exact wording – Pablo Picasso said something like the following:

It to me three years to paint like an artist that is recognised by the academy – but it took me ages tor paint like a child again.

Highly recommended reading on this occasion the work by Norbert Elias, it least that part that is directly addressing the question of individual and society.


The influential dinner party, where the 13 lads served themselves the food, each of them brought along (at least there is no kitchen and there are no waiters mentioned) is reasonably well documented – amongst others Leonardo had been witnessing and painting (Ok, that one is a bit blurred) it. Recent research revealed another meeting, the veil had been at least lifted by a Chinese Human Rights Researcher at Central South University – it may become known in the future as DD, the December dinner. The editors of this blog could take a glimpse, especially at the host’s toast. Here it is presented in a somewhat dramatised form, titled :

Virtual Christmas Dinner

staring age and ages, times and eras.

Another great day ….

… and there I am hesitating. Sure, the terrible rain on the 25th had been not really bearable – even if I just received the day before my fancy new boots:

promising comfort, security …

… promising a deception? As enjoyable as it is to see the sun back, as delightful it is to look back on a long spell without rain, with pleasant weather in Changsha, looking back on a summer in Berlin with near to zero drops of rain and plenty of warmth, it comes with a bitter smack of fear and worries. Is that the global warming, possibly bringing draught and extinction at some foreseeable time in the future?

Perspectives change – also the perspective that is entailed in the variety of my work and jobs, being now law-prof. I asked this in different ways earlier, and put it now in a juridical nutshell:

Can we continue calling on individual rights, rights of the individuals witnessing that so many individuals, and on occasions being just one amongst them, have no other idea than buying a gun to amok? Sure, a person who finally storms a school to kill kids is being severely sentenced (if he is caught alive and did not kill himself – he/himself, never heard bit she/herself); but, while acknowledging the difference, I dare to ask if we should simply allow people driving their SUVs, companies dumping waste water into the rivers, ourselves sitting in a comfortable warm room, wearing a shirt instead of reducing the temperature a bit and wearing a warm jumper; seeing mass-SPAM-mail not just as matter of intruding into the private sphere but as terrorist attack on the environment (considering the cost of sending mails), defining it as criminal act to heating rooms while leaving the windows open ..? …. – Human rights had been and still are defined as protecting individuals against the state. isn’t it time now to think about human rights as matter of protecting society against excessive individualism … – protecting it by law?

some interesting notion for further debate can be taken from work undertaken in the 19th century. An important aspect is mentioned in the following para, taken from a work on the history of the rule of law, reading

The impossibility of opposing to it aliunde-founded elements was the ground of the central dilemma: how to combine an unlimited sovereign power with a legal order regulating it and making its intervention foreseeable. The central features of the theory that was gradually refined throughout the second half of the century and was thoroughly elaborated by Jellinek were the idea of the state’s self-limitation (which made sovereign absolutism compatible with the existence of fetters on its power), the existence of legal relationships between the state and individuals, the distinction between the state (as a whole) and its several institutional components, so that this or that organ could be limited whilst the state “as such” could be deemed as the holder of an absolute power.

New challenges, old debates, the need to reformulate and “reinvent” them – not least under changed and changing conditions: where states are not nation states anymore; and where the corporate sector strives to replace state.

Forthcoming: Herrmann, Peter: Human Rights: watch out for the trail before you bridle the horse – The search for a Future Global Human Rights Agenda; in: International Journal for Social Quality

Herrmann, Peter, December 8th, 2019: Search for Future Global HR-Agenda; Conference presentation, Changsha

Complexity of Personalities and History

Alfred Willi Rudi Dutschke; Schönefeld, 7 marzo 1940 –  Århus, 24 dicembre 1979

Forty years ago, Rudi passed away, victim of … – it would be too easy to say: victim of a bullet shot by an individual …

Benno Ohnsorg had been killed on the 2nd June 1967 by a plain-clothes police officer – in West Berlin; Rudi had to follow him, shot approximately a year later. passing away this day forty years ago, some date the Red Army Fraction back to 1968 … – It is not the time to judge, but surely the time to be mindful.

Erich Fried: Fuer Rudi Dutschke

(reading by Erich Fried – pictures/panitings by Diego Rivera)

(see below a rough translation into English

“Jeder ist ersetzbar.

Der Kampf geht weiter.”

Das stimmt.

Aber das stimmt auch nicht:

Nicht jeder ist ersetzbar

und der Kampf hat immer nur das Gesicht und das Herz

des Menschen der kämpft

Und ich habe den Kampf gemocht

der dein Gesicht hatte

und dein Herz ?

und jetzt wird kein anderer mehr

dein Gesicht haben

und man wird dein Gesicht in Zukunft

nur noch auf Bildern sehen wie das Gesicht Che Guevaras

und Rosa Luxemburgs

und das ist nicht dasselbe

Und dein Herz wird man nirgends mehr sehen


Nicht in jedem einzelnen Punkt

war ich deiner Meinung

und du hast nie bestanden darauf dass jemand

deiner Meinung sein muss

und schon gar nicht in jedem einzelnen Punkt

Deine Meinung konnte man Punkt für Punkt

mit dir diskutieren

Jetzt aber kann ich nichts mehr mit dir diskutieren

und so sehr es ankam auf die einzelnen Punkte

so wenig kommt es jetzt auf die einzelnen Punkte an


Was ich von dir gelernt habe

bleibt jetzt vielleicht zu wenig

Aber ich hätte vielleicht von dir schon genug gelernt

wenn ich nichts von dir gelernt hätte außer das eine:


Dass Freiheit Güte und Liebe sein muss

und dass Güte und Liebe

Freiheit sein müssen ? und wirkliche Güte und Liebe

nicht nur ein Begriff von Güte und Liebe

denn sonst bleibt auch die Freiheit nur ein Begriff ?

und dass der Kampf um Freiheit und Güte und Liebe

nicht ohne Freiheit und Güte und Liebe geführt werden kann


Und deine Güte und Liebe und Freiheit

und deine Einsicht

sind so gewesen dass du vielen ein Freund bleiben konntest

die einander nicht Freunde geblieben waren ?

vielen die jetzt um dich trauern aber die glauben

dass sie miteinander gar nicht mehr sprechen können

oder einander nur noch anklagen können

nur noch beschimpfen beschuldigen und bekämpfen

Und dieser Irrtum kann sich jetzt leichter in ihnen verhärten

weil deine gute heisere Stimme nicht mehr

zu ihnen spricht und nicht heftig oder behutsam

oder behutsam und heftig wie früher Einwände macht


Und dass dieser Irrtum sich leichter verhärten kann ohne dich

ist schon ein erster kleiner Teil des Beweises

dass du nicht so leicht ersetzbar bist in den Winkeln

und Ecken unserer Köpfe und Herzen und unserer Leben

und dass es nicht genug ist

zu sagen: “Der Kampf geht weiter”


Und doch muss er weitergehen und es ist nicht genug

von deiner Güte und Liebe und Freiheit und Einsicht zu reden

wenn ich vergesse dass deine Einsicht und Güte

dich immer wieder auch zur Empörung geführt hat

und dass deine Liebe bis zuletzt immer wieder

auch die Liebe zur Revolution geblieben ist

und die Sehsucht nach ihr in Zeiten in denen ihre Tyrannen

und Reichsverweser und Verräter und Bürokraten

ihren Namen so schlecht gemacht haben

dass fast keiner sie kennen will


Diese Sehnsucht hat in dir gelebt

und hat dich lebendig erhalten

und die Augen dir offen gehalten auch für Verstreute

die sich immer noch sehnen nach ihr ?

auch dann wenn sie irren

auf ihrer Suche und wenn ihre richtigen Herzen

ihnen nicht helfen konnten auf einen richtigen Weg


Es ist nicht möglich von deinem Leben und Tod zu sprechen

und zu schweigen von der Revolution die

– ungleich uns Menschen ?

nicht tot ist für immer wenn man sie einmal totsagt

und in der etwas von dir leben wird wenn sie einmal

wieder auflebt ? von dir aber auch von andern

die hier nicht trauern können um dich weil sie vor dir

sterben mussten (oder vielleicht nicht müssen hätten)

Auch von diesen Verlorenen haben dich manche geliebt

und du hast sie nie ganz verloren aus deinen Augen

und aus deinem Herzen ?

auch dann nicht als sie sich verrannten

und sich verhärteten und begannen sich selbst zu verlernen

Auch die darf man nicht totschweigen

wenn man von dir spricht

auch wenn dein oder mein Weg ein anderer ist als ihr Irrweg:

Sonst wäre der Kreis derer die deine Liebe und Einsicht

umfasst hat zu eng ? und dies hier wäre nur Trauer

von Gleichgesinnten um Gleichgesinnte; das wäre zu wenig

Denn der Kampf der dein Gesicht und dein Herz hatte

ist auch ein Kampf

um die Liebe zu vielen ohne Abgrenzungen und Grenzen

Sonst wäre er für dich und das Denken an dich zu klein.

Der Kampf geht weiter.



Di Peter Kuley – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=186206


Everyone’s replaceable.
The fight continues.
That’s right.
But that’s not true either:
Not everyone is replaceable
and the fight has only the face and the heart
of the man who fights
And I liked the fight.
who had your face
and your heart?
and now no one else is gonna
have your face
and they’ll see your face in the future
only see on pictures like the face of Che Guevara
and Pink of Luxembourg
and that’s not the same
And your heart won’t be seen anywhere

Not in every single point
I agreed with you
and you never insisted that anyone
must agree with you
and certainly not in every single point
Your opinion could be read point by point
argue with you
But now I can’t discuss anything with you.
and as much as it depended on the individual points
so little depends now on the individual points

What I learned from you
maybe there’s not enough left for now.
But I might have learned enough from you already
if I hadn’t learned anything from you except that one:

That freedom must be goodness and love
and that goodness and love
must be freedom? and true goodness and love
not only a concept of goodness and love
because otherwise freedom is also only a concept?
and that the struggle for freedom and goodness and love
cannot be led without freedom and goodness and love

And your kindness and love and freedom
and your insight
have been such that you could remain a friend to many.
who hadn’t been friends with each other?
to many who now mourn you but who believe
that they can’t even talk to each other anymore
or can only accuse each other
only insult, accuse and fight
And this error can now harden more easily in them
because your good hoarse voice is no longer
speaks to them and not violently or cautiously
or cautiously and vehemently objecting as before

And that this error can harden more easily without you
is already a first small part of the proof
that you’re not so easily replaceable at the angles
and corners of our heads and hearts and our lives
and that it’s not enough
to say, “The fight continues.

And yet he must go on and it’s not enough
to speak of your kindness and love and freedom and insight
when I forget that your insight and kindness
has always led you to indignation
and that your love will last again and again
the love for the revolution has also remained
and the craving for her in times when her tyrants
and imperial administrators and traitors and bureaucrats
have made their name so bad
that almost nobody wants to know her

This longing has lived in you
and kept you alive
and keep your eyes open even to scattered people
who still yearn for her?
even if they are mistaken
in their search and when their real hearts
couldn’t help them on the right track

It is not possible to speak of your life and death
and not to mention the revolution that
– unlike us humans?
is not dead forever once you say it to death
and in which something of you will live if she once
resurrected ? by you but also by others
who can’t grieve for you here because they’re in front of you
had to die (or may not have had to)
Some of these lost have loved you too
and you’ve never completely lost sight of her.
and from your heart?
not even when they got lost
and hardened and began to unlearn themselves
These, too, cannot be hushed up
speaking of you
even if your path or mine is different from theirs:
Otherwise, the circle of those who would take your love and insight
has included too narrow? and this here would only be grief
of like-minded people around like-minded people; that would be too little
Cause the fight that had your face and your heart
is also a fight
to love many without boundaries and boundaries
Otherwise it would be too small for you and thinking of you.
The fight continues.