Quo Vadis? – On EUrope’s future

What I usually do not do … – posting a link only – I still do occasionally, e.g. today: Quo Vadis Europa? | Marica Frangakis on the EuroMemorandum 2017 and the multi-speed scenario for the future of Europe

More to be done

Please find a reminder – there is still a possibility to prepare your participation by announcing your input – and the is in any case the opportunity to join our debates, more important then ever. 22nd Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe from 15-17 September 2016, organised by the EuroMemo Group and jointly hosted with … Continua a leggere

Stop Austerity

One of the many answers needed on BREXIT – “it is not about Britain and the Brits”, anyway. Stop Austerity! The outbreak of the crisis in 2007 led to many states having to take out emergency loans in order to save banks. Money was tight and interests were increasing. Therefore, some EU countries had to … Continua a leggere

… and frequently overlooked

After saying yesterday Easily Condemned, it may be time to think about what is easily overlooked, especially while sliding apparently elegantly on the surface. The title in the Huffington Post says Deutsche Bank è maggior fonte di rischi sistemici al mondo and A FT-briefing tells us Deutsche Bank hit by IMF hazard warning A report has branded … Continua a leggere

Security in insecure times

A short presentation, addressing the conference Edukacja Dla Bezpieczeństwa (Education for Security), April 6th, 2016, in Gdansk Abstract: Looking at the economic development of the recent years, the first that comes to mind is of course the crisis and its far-reaching impact on the living conditions and perspectives of many people – social security systems … Continua a leggere

War, Modesty and Good Life

Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem—in my opinion—to characterize our age. (from Einstein, Albert: “The Common Language of Science”, a broadcast for Science, Conference, London, 28 September 1941. Published in Advancement of Science, London, Vol. 2, No. 5. Reprinted in Ideas and Opinions [1954]) As in discussions on Greece the metaphor “from tanks … Continua a leggere

What an end?

There are and will be many declarations, statements and analyses on the outcome of the negotiations against Greece. Hamlet came to my mind – how thought of suicide, and I titled The sad victory of injusticeThere had been much written about the EU and the core character of the project – the debate not least … Continua a leggere

The European-Greek Tragedy

It may be useful if self elected EUropean gods look at history, may be they see their future – sure, the price of the tragic part is too high though and not (yet) paid by those gods …     If it believed in its own essence, would it try to hide that essence under … Continua a leggere

Conference Announcement: Crisis, State and Democracy. Working with Nicos Poulantzas’ theory to confront authoritarian capitalism

The preparations for the International Poulantzas Conference Crisis, State and Democracy. Working with Nicos Poulantzas’ theory to confront authoritarian capitalism are now more or less concluded. It will kA place the 12th and 13th of December in Athens at the Panteion University.Nicos Poulantzas has been one of the most important scholars in the field of theory … Continua a leggere

Strengthening the European Social Model by Going Beyond

The following are the notes of the closing remarks during the conference “Rafforzare il Modello Sociale Europeo. Il contributo della Qualità Sociale alla coesione del sistema comunitario”, Venerdì 31 Ottobre 2014 presso la Sala Polifuzionale, Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Rome ******** I want to thank all participants for their contributions – they had been … Continua a leggere