Quo Vadis? – On EUrope’s future

What I usually do not do … – posting a link only – I still do occasionally, e.g. today: Quo Vadis Europa? | Marica Frangakis on the EuroMemorandum 2017 and the multi-speed scenario for the future of Europe

democracy – strangest things ever

Probably one of the strongest things ever when we talk about democracy and “legimitation by procedure” – the recent decision in Brazil. And there is so much damage that will be done in the time to come.


Of course it would be silly to deny the value of democratic rules and mechanisms as free elections, representation and the like. But looking at countries where all these are in place, one may occasionally ask what all this really means.  A report on the situation in France and its labor reform may make us think … Continua a leggere

university ranking …

I am wondering why ranking of universities is used though it may well put them in highly negative light: Those counting Oxford as their alma mater are arguably better known. They include … Hungary’s premier Viktor Orbán … Is it a warning: never go to Oxford if you want to maintain mental health and democratic responsibility?

Conference Announcement: Crisis, State and Democracy. Working with Nicos Poulantzas’ theory to confront authoritarian capitalism

The preparations for the International Poulantzas Conference Crisis, State and Democracy. Working with Nicos Poulantzas’ theory to confront authoritarian capitalism are now more or less concluded. It will kA place the 12th and 13th of December in Athens at the Panteion University.Nicos Poulantzas has been one of the most important scholars in the field of theory … Continua a leggere

Varieties of capitalism – impressions of an eternal tourist

Rome – Berlin Long queues – visitors waiting for access to a building One building? Of course not – how could it be so when talking about two different cities. Still, one common feature: They are waiting to access the cupola: of the basilica in Rome, of the Reichstag in Berlin Faith and democracy?? Faith versus … Continua a leggere

Looking at the small print

I am wondering if the small print, defining all the terms and condition – at the end – really allows to offer “services” that boil down to something like “s r  ce “ Admittedly, good cheese is frequently full of holes; but if we look at the wholes of the cheese wheels they are most delicious (well, of course, … Continua a leggere

La bella addormentata nel bosco

Can we move further down? – Even the lowest level of THE comedy (Dante) appears as plateau. Today Habermas suggested at Elte university that the USNA should serve as model for the future of Europe. Well, since Obama pleads for less war, more negotiation …. But: Here’s my bottom line: America must always lead on … Continua a leggere