Quo Vadis? – On EUrope’s future

What I usually do not do … – posting a link only – I still do occasionally, e.g. today: Quo Vadis Europa? | Marica Frangakis on the EuroMemorandum 2017 and the multi-speed scenario for the future of Europe

How Europe slides down further …..

Taken from the Euroactiv-Brief Today’s EU policy news, 28.10.2016, 5PM Commissioner mocks Chinese and gay marriage By James Crisp Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger has mocked the Chinese, gay marriage, and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s divorce in a shock speech. Oettinger is infamous for putting his foot in it. But after footage emerged today of the jaw-dropping tirade, it very much looks … Continua a leggere


Over the last year or so, a working group on Migration of the Scientific Council of attac –  Association Pour La Taxation Des Transactions Financières Pour L’Aide Aux Citoyens, elaborated a working paper on issues of Refuge and Migration. At the core of the work stood the elaboration of a document that evaluates and assesses … Continua a leggere

KCK – klatsch, cliché, kitsch

KLATSCH Klatsch is a German term, though occasionally used in English. And when I first saw the headline Why Men Want to Marry Melanias and Raise Ivankas? I admittedly clicked on it in a longing for some klatsch, gossip — distraction from the expected, though still worrying news, presenting Trump’s shocking speech of acceptance. Looking … Continua a leggere

Missed opportunity – or Io e Caterina

Topics in the headlines change – though in some cases it is only about names and institutions. ‘Migration’ for quite a while the dominant topic had been surpassed by BREXIT, pushing the GREXIT to a somewhat historical stage, though they apparently catch up again with T May-gie – may be Theresa May, the potential Iron-Lady … Continua a leggere

… and frequently overlooked

After saying yesterday Easily Condemned, it may be time to think about what is easily overlooked, especially while sliding apparently elegantly on the surface. The title in the Huffington Post says Deutsche Bank è maggior fonte di rischi sistemici al mondo and A FT-briefing tells us Deutsche Bank hit by IMF hazard warning A report has branded … Continua a leggere

Thoughts on today’s Europe …

… and what may learned from Confucius: It is a disgrace to be rich and honoured in an unjust state. Sure, it is something not only for Europe … – and it is not something just for today. More a general matter of the Mysteries of progress …, and its failure.  

Take in refugees – Abolish all causes of flight

Take in refugees – Abolish all causes of flight For a civic platform against isolation and xenophobia Refugees stranding at European railway stations; razor-wired fences hastily raised along the borders; terror attacks against people in public spaces of a mega city – what Europe perceives as a state of emergency long since is the hard … Continua a leggere

Europe – The South and the Global South

Migration is an ongoing issue and still often underestimated in its complexity  or how the killing is going on   and why we actually face it

Now we can hope for Europe again

From Paul’s blog July 5, 2015Greece: can’t pay, won’t pay The outcome of the Greek referendum indicates strong support for the its government. The decision is being construed by some commentators as the prelude to Greece leaving the Euro, and possibly the European Union. It doesn’t have to be either. First, the Euro. Greece can … Continua a leggere