The Womb he crawled from

The womb he crawled from is still going strong. We find these words in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, written by Bertolt Brecht. Most timely a reminder, findig ourselves at the doorsteps of the votes in Turkey and France. And while knowing about the meaning of highly emotional performances of a hate preacher like Trump, we should … Continua a leggere

France – labour law, code du travail, Arbeits(un)recht

scroll for the different languages Solidarité avec les contestataires 
de la “réforme” du code du travail en France Solidarität mit den Protesten gegen die Arbeitsrechts-„Reform“ in Frankreich In solidarity with the protests against the “reform” in France’s labour laws **** Solidarité avec les contestataires 
de la “réforme” du code du travail en France Nous, scientifiques, publicistes … Continua a leggere


Of course it would be silly to deny the value of democratic rules and mechanisms as free elections, representation and the like. But looking at countries where all these are in place, one may occasionally ask what all this really means.  A report on the situation in France and its labor reform may make us think … Continua a leggere

Usefulness of Piketty

Much of the debate on Piketty’s book did not go much beyond number-crunching and (possibly abashed) groaning … – yes, the injustice of the world … An intersting article says, there can be more positive outline from there. the headline reads Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa announced radical plans to support asylum-seekers and stateless people. Two things are of … Continua a leggere

Migration – They do it their way

From an article on telesur, published August 20th The U.K. is also adopting laws to make it less attractive for migrants to come and work in the country. New immigration policies will allow the government to seize wages and deport illegal immigrants without appeal. “Border Force officers, operating on the ground, provide migrants with a … Continua a leggere