Lectionis et Seminario – De sociali et politica in Europea

European Integration – a failed political and social union? 2017 S. BA-Course at the University of Vienna, Department of Political Science. A series of fifteen sessions delivered at the University of Vienna, Department of Political Science. The series is looking at the process of European integration – a wide topic looked at under the guiding question … Continua a leggere

mind snatchers

Back home now, taking up teaching again – and with this the “major challenge” we face – nolens volens E.P. Thompson wrote in an article in 1970: Collectively, all of us – all we liberal academics – were struck with a paralysis of will as the system not only grew round us, but built us into its … Continua a leggere

War – the political intercourse carried on with other means — 9/11/1973

While writing, just before the 9/11 date, I can only assume that there will be another series of memorials … — and the one nearly complete amnesia: September 11, 1973 is the date which marks much more than just another violent rebuke of an alternative to business as usual as capitalist is called — and it … Continua a leggere

Und es herrscht Angst

Bereits vor meiner Abfahrt zur SOAK – der attac-Sommerakademie  und dann wieder nach der Rückkehr habe ich mich dadrüber unterhalten. Das Grundthema kann vielleicht zusammengefasst werden in dem Satz: Es herrscht Angst in Europa .., und in der Welt. Nicht weil ein Gespenst umgeht in Europa, sondern weil der eigene “Geist des Kapitalismus”, der so marvelos … Continua a leggere


Of course it would be silly to deny the value of democratic rules and mechanisms as free elections, representation and the like. But looking at countries where all these are in place, one may occasionally ask what all this really means.  A report on the situation in France and its labor reform may make us think … Continua a leggere

New Princedoms II

— or: Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics That Will Be Able to Present Itself as a Science Of course, now I could state: what I wrote earlier on the New Princedoms had been just a prolegomena, and I could even be much bolder, claiming what follows is not less than a new “Prolegomena to Any Future … Continua a leggere


Recently, we walked out of the temple … I am not sure if it had been a problem of pronunciation, some Freudian slip or some hint — two words merged to one, one divided itself into two meanings May be it is something those, striving for hegemony and imperial superiority should think about. Immortal — … Continua a leggere

Death of civilization….

I received a mail … Il giorno 13/set/2014, alle ore 14:30, … It is a death ,.. Actually I received the mail after arriving in Berlin for a planning meeting of a network on precarity … I follow the article – thinking that it is a somewhat unusual death notice, though I know the person … Continua a leggere

Is there a life after? – or: To Cycle or to Scooter, that is the real question

For Marijke and with special thanks to the library staff at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam It had been some time back – I still stayed in Budapest. To be precise it had been the last day of this years academic stay. There are two ways of appreciating something like that, the one: panicking, thinking about all … Continua a leggere