At least somewhat ‘strange’ or: occupying the occupied

At least somewhat ‘strange’ – or at least remarkable: the fact of being occupied by social spaces and occupying social spaces, namely cities. It is several years ago that I visited Vienna the first time, and I returned a couple of times. The first time was somewhat unpleasant – unpleasant in terms of disliking the … Continua a leggere

Social Quality — The Book

Book announcement  SOCIAL QUALITY THEORY A New Perspective on Social Development Edited by Ka Lin and Peter Herrmann 160 pages, 21 figs., 26 tables, index ISBN 978-1-78238-897-5 $39.95/£25.00 Pb Published (July 2015) eISBN 978-1-78238-898-2 eBook Social quality thinking emerged from a critique of one-sided policies by breaking through the limitations previously set by purely economistic … Continua a leggere