… no waiting anymore …

finally the short holidays are over, back to the students and the seminars, the really exciting side of teaching … so no waiting anymore, not even for Godot Vien dietro a me, e lascia dir le genti: sta come torre ferma, che non crolla già mai la cima per soffiar di venti … Dante Alighieri: La Divina commedia … Continua a leggere

mind snatchers

Back home now, taking up teaching again – and with this the “major challenge” we face – nolens volens E.P. Thompson wrote in an article in 1970: Collectively, all of us – all we liberal academics – were struck with a paralysis of will as the system not only grew round us, but built us into its … Continua a leggere

The no-problem-society I – Beautification of teaching, administrative nonsense

The superior Man is aware of Righteousness, the inferior man is aware of advantage. Confucius Of course, working with slides and even pleasing the eyes as part of it, has some benefit while lecturing. Not least in the context of courses and presentations in a ‘foreign language’. It may be beneficial for lectures, and it … Continua a leggere

academic bloomers

Something is going wrong in academia – is it a matter of the publishing sector or the awarding system? A sentence in Bruno F. Frey’s article on ‘Publishing as prostitution? – Choosing between one’s own ideas and academic success‘ (Public Choice 116: 205–223, 2003) does not provide the answer, though it importantly poses the question. A well-known example … Continua a leggere

Disenchantment …

or enchantment …? In sociology we know latest since Max Weber about the disenchantment of the world. And still we cannot completely grasp it … – You may remember an entry some time ago, when I wrote about a chat with a friend, looking at The Other Dimension. There it was about emotions, the exceptional … Continua a leggere

Independent thinking ….

… and the small steps the academic world undermines it … Two weeks teaching are over, today with the long Sunday sessions … – it is good to see the students (well, some of them) again being around, eager to learn, interested in understanding the world and gain independent thinking. Sure, independent thinking does by … Continua a leggere


Not changing my mind – though some rankings may be really useful when it comes to universities. As this insecurity ranking. Now it would be the next task to look at an overall ranking that takes insecurity on a national level, performance in research and teaching and social quality into account. At least there is … Continua a leggere

Teaching ….

… back in the Middle Kingdom since a week, enjoying teaching learning to “walk economics”. Special fun the workshops – teaching without income (no extra pay), and learning without points (a course, the students take without points etc.). Sometimes it is really like looking into the eyes of small children who see something amazing for the first time in … Continua a leggere